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    Walmart pulling all guns and ammo

    The 1600fps are still in stock. Just scroll down to them. I tend to avoid It seems most sellers are just price gouging. Unless you are desperate I'd keep looking.
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    Walmart pulling all guns and ammo
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    Walmart pulling all guns and ammo
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    Walmart pulling all guns and ammo

    Bass Pro/ Cabellas has Hornady SST slugs in stock. They offer free shipping with >$50. I've purchased several times with them lately and have had no problems.
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    Thoughts on 2006 LJ with 153k

    Usually the original has a part number sticker on it. Maybe someone else might know of any other visual differences.
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    Thoughts on 2006 LJ with 153k

    I have an 06 LJ. I replaced my OPDA at 122k just because I felt like I should. The original had no problems and didn't show any unusual wear.
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    What lift kit?

    There are many fans of 2.5"-3" inch suspension lifts combined with a 1" body lift for 33's. I am one of them. Having the body lift allows you a greater choice of replacement skid plates to eliminate the stock one. If you have deep enough pockets Currie and Savvy are the gold standard. If you are...
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    Walmart pulling all guns and ammo

    Good job Wal-Mart. When civil unrest breaks out I will be sure to grab my bolt action Savage Arms rifle first.🙄
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    What lift kit?

    Start here. It has a lot of great information pertaining to your questions.
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    Thoughts on 2006 LJ with 153k

    But what if you really wanted a manual LJ. 😉
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    5 wheel rotation, is it worth it?

    It depends on how you drive your Jeep. If it's a daily driver then it is a good idea. In my case I put so few miles on the Jeep that I will replace the tires because of age long before they have low tread.
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    Tips for finding ammo online

    I figured I'd see if anybody has some good tips for finding ammo they would like to share. I have had pretty good luck and was able to build a small reserve on top of my normal stock. Tip #1. Federal Ammo's website updates shortly after 2pm PST (usually between 2:10-2:12). Not all items become...
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    Have I already defeated my own TJ purpose?

    I can pop the front door lock in less that 2 seconds. (I learned from the scumbag who tried to steal mine)🤬. Most thieves don't know much about different models of cars but do know that convertible soft tops are easy to slice open. I've heard stories of people who don't even lock their doors and...
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    Is this a good engine skid?

    It looks like a home made copy of Rustys skid. I personally wouldn't use it. The better designed skids run the supports to the motor mounts.
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    Guessing this is more than surface rust?

    Are you shopping for a JK or TJ? Obviously rust as pictured above is a deal killer for either one.
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    Show me your TJs

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    Cost Friendly Wheels has them on Ebay for $75.84.
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    Cost Friendly Wheels

    Procomp series 69's are good wheels that a lot of people run. They can be had around $75 each.
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    Unhappy 1st off road test trip with 2004 Jeep LJ. Where to go from here?

    Since you are looking at OME springs I'd suggest considering the ZJ/LJ spring combination. It gave me 2.5 inches of lift on my LJ with bumpers, winch, and hardtop.
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    Florida... going kicking and screaming but

    It looks like I will be headed that way myself in the new year. I've been debating whether or not it is worth keeping the Jeep. I'll be interested to hear your comments on Florida life.