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    Tips for finding ammo online

    I figured I'd see if anybody has some good tips for finding ammo they would like to share. I have had pretty good luck and was able to build a small reserve on top of my normal stock. Tip #1. Federal Ammo's website updates shortly after 2pm PST (usually between 2:10-2:12). Not all items become...
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    Who likes diamond plate?

    I guess this is what happens when you want bigger axles but don't want to bother narrowing them...
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    Rock slider fail

    Not really sure what to say about this except I wonder what they are hiding.
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    Texas Talk me in to moving to TX

    So I have a great, but time sensitive job opportunity in the Plano, Texas area. My wife has family that lives there but I have never had the opportunity to visit. I have been researching what I can online but would love to hear some pros and cons from people who live in the area. My decision...
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    Savvy engine skid front bolt hole question

    Just curious if anybody knows what the two lower bolt holes on the front of Savvys engine skid are for?
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    JCR 10% off sale

    JCR has a 10% off sale up on their website today.
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    Acceptable replacement for water pump bolts?

    I have an 06 4.0 that I'm replacing the water pump on. The OEM bolts have been discontinued. Has anybody else replaced theirs? Would stainless steel bolts from the harware store be an acceptable replacement? My current bolts could probably be reused but I always prefer new if possible.
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    2021 Ford Country Squire

    Anybody from the 70's not want to drive this?😁
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    Rear track bar interference

    I am currently trying to eliminate as much of my rear bump stop as possible. I have been running 2" and I am hoping that I can reduce that to 1". My issue is that the rear track bar is hitting the tub when cycling the suspension. I currently have the OME track bar relocation bracket installed...
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    I have no words to describe this build
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    SOLD Dropkick Slyders for TJ - $150

    $200 For sale. 1 pair of Detours Dropkick Slyders. These are getting hard to find which is why I have held on to them for so long. I had them installed on a 03 TJR that I sold about 6 years ago. Since then they have been stored inside. They are frame mounted, require no drilling and function...
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    Tips for torquing Dana 30 ring gear bolts?

    I am getting ready to install a lock right in my Dana 30. I have the new ring gear bolts but currently don't have a bench vise to hold the carrier to torque them. Would a torque stick work for this or should I just buy a vise? Thanks!
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    Bestop highrock 4x4 front bumper, full-width profile - $216
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    Jounce bumper not compressing

    I've been working on my suspension and noticed that my jounce bumper does not compress. As pictured the full weight of the front of the Jeep is resting on the jounce bumper. As I jacked up the front axle the frame was lifting off the jacks stands. I believe the bumper was a Crown replacement...
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    Warn slider body bowing?

    I am looking at sliders for my LJ. I like the look of the Warns but came across this video on YouTube showing the body bowing. I am curious if the individual installed them wrong or is there an issue with the design? You can jump to 7:54 to see the bowing.
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    M O R E body lift thoughts

    Has anybody had experience with mountain offroad's 1 inch body lift? It looks like a solid kit but I found any reviews on it.
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    Oregon 2- Rancho 9000XL RS999239

    $90 Set of 2 Rancho 9000xl adjustable shocks for a Jeep TJ with a 2.5" lift. 2x RS999239 The shocks are in good condition, were on the Jeep for about 3 years and have about 5k miles on them. Local pick or shipped. I have them boxed if you want to look at shipping rates. Dimensions are...
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    WTB: 3rd brake light cover and contact bracket

    Looking for a 3rd brake light cover with the contacts and bracket. Thanks
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    WTB: 3rd brake light cover and contact bracket

    Looking for a 3rd brake light cover with the contacts and bracket. Thanks
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    Grocery pick up without bags

    Anybody use grocery pick up? I am specifically pondering how it is done in states, like mine, that have banned plastic bags. Will they bag it in reusable bags as it is loaded or do your groceries just get launched in the back of your vehicle? My wife used it for the 1st time today and was...