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  1. DeadStang

    2006 LJ with 120K miles and salvage title—What is an honest value for seller and buyer?

    Obviously $50 doesn't buy it, lol. I looked at a Jeep today I am thinking about. I would like a Jeep to build fairly aggressively without guilt... I can't use my one owner, '06 Rubi, bone-stock, 37K old-man miles Khaki for my crawler — once I bought it I very quickly realized that was not...
  2. DeadStang

    Wanting to buy an OEM hardtop for my factory soft top LJ — mounting questions

    My soft top is getting tired and I am kind of a hard top fan, anyway. I found one fairly local to me on CL that the guy wants to sell. Can someone point me in the right direction to see what all I need to mount a hard top on my Jeep? I assume I have to completely remove the soft top to...
  3. DeadStang

    Heater not blowing on my feet but cooking the passengers

    I just thought the directional switch on the heater didn't work well (air kind of blows out the vents and to the dash all the time, no matter the setting) and the A/C doesn't work. But today my feet were ice cubes while my daughter's face was getting red and sweaty, so I let her drive (ARGH!)...
  4. DeadStang

    Should I find a set of chains for snow wheeling?

    I wheel in my JK with 37s, but I don't think it matters much for my question (the LJ is a pavement princess currently). I keep seeing pictures of guys with their Jeeps chained up when they post their snow wheeling pix and I am wondering if I should try to find a set for my Jeep? I would like...
  5. DeadStang

    WTB: Want 1 (blue) Spidertrax wheel spacer

    Spidertrax S2PWHS013 Wheel Adapter Kit I assume I need one to mount my Rubi JK spare onto the back of the TJ?
  6. DeadStang

    Newbie top and door questions

    Bought an '04 LJ yesterday. The top is in OK shape (original) but the "windows" are hazy and the back "door" zipper is really not happening. Best to buy a new, supple soft top and move on? And — I assume 1/2 doors fit all TJs, long or short? Thanks!
  7. DeadStang

    What is a fair price for this AEV Brute?
  8. DeadStang

    Tell me if you'd worry about this rust

    Looking at this Jeep long distance. It's a low-miler from PA. Thanks!
  9. DeadStang

    Another of my newbie redundant posts—build Rubicon vs Sport?

    It's hard to search and find some of this stuff, although I know it's likely been discussed over 1000 times — sorry! If one were to plan a mild build (I have a 2-door JK with a 4" lift, 37"s, hydro-assist steering, etc. etc.) already, would it be best to start with a Rubicon or use a Sport...
  10. DeadStang

    What is the link to the site to find my build sheet?

    Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I know it's obnoxious to ask, but I can't find a link to the site where I can look at the options a Wrangler came with from the factory (from the VIN). Does someone have the link handy? I'll bookmark it.
  11. DeadStang

    Can't remove gas cap?

    I have searched and don't find my issue — sorry if this is redundant. I have an '06 with a locking cap. The key turns the lock both ways about 1/4 turn (it seems like it's working) but the cap just spins and spins and I can't get it off to gas up. Help!
  12. DeadStang

    Switched wheels and handling characteristics changed?

    Maybe this is a newby, "uh, duh!" question, but I put my JK Rubicon wheels (with the correct spacers) on my LJ and it seems to wander and handle poorly now. Am I hallucinating, or is this an obvious "thing?"