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    Clutch issue after replacement

    Finished reinstalling transmission after replacing TOB and clutch. After all is said and done the clutch pedal goes all the way the floor without resistance. It returns when you let off. Ideas?
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    Any idea where this electrical connector goes near transmission?

    Finishing up re-installation of my transmission and have one electrical connector that for the life of me I can't figure out where it goes. It splits off the wire harness just about where the bell housing meets the transmission. Looks like this. Please point this fool in the right direction
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    Pilot bearing help

    I stalling a new clutch, carrier bearing and pilot bearing. Drive the pilot bearing out with a mix of Grease and bread but the pilot bearing came with the carrier/bushing. The bushing has a beveled edge on one side. Just looking to confirm if the beveled edge goes out towards the bell housing...
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    Correct speedo gear

    does anyone know the correct speedo gear for 265 75/16's? I'm off about 8 mph. 2006 4.0 6sp. Thanks
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    Pilot bearing install

    need some help. 06 wrangler X 4.0 125k Trying to get the throwout bearing changed this weekend, also have the pilot bearing. I am not replacing the clutch. Can I remove and replace the existing clutch without a clutch alignment tool? No one near me has one and I have to leave town on Sunday...
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    What parts are essential to replace when doing the throwout bearing?

    I believe my throwout bearing is beginning to go out. It was squeeling when you depress the clutch yesterday (stopped making noise later for some reason) This is on an 06 4.0 We're down here dealing with the after effects of hurricane Laura so I'd like to do it myself but have not done one...
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    Pop rivets

    working on an expanded metal folding table for the tailgate, would pop rivets be okay for the tailgate side hinge connection?
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    Rear shock install

    so i have been chasing down some rattling in the rear of the jeep. I originally thought it was the swingout tire carrier and removed it. The rattle didn't go away and looking more into it I found a busted shock. I've ordered a pair of Ranchos for the back but I've heard horror stories about...
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    Low coolant temp

    drove into town today (19 miles each way) and noticed on the way home that my temp gauge only showed about 170 degrees(estimated). Radiator is full and levels are right in the overflow. No check engine light, but I did try to pull codes and after cycling on-off-on 3x the odometer reads "donE"...
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    Winch install

    so i got my rugged ridge mounting plate in and started to install the new warn vr8 on the plate before I attach it to the bumper. The socket head bolts from the fairlead prevent the winch from sliding far enough forward to allow the two back winch mounting holes to line up. Am I missing...
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    Warn VR8 winch

    at bass pro shop today and they had a warn VR8 on the shelf, I realize its at the bottom end of warn's lineup but they had it priced at $274. When I look online it seems to run in the mid 400's so I took a chance. Hoping I got a deal.
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    Phone mount

    Whats everyone doing for a phone mount? Everyone I've tried has failed miserably as soon as you get on any kind of dirt road. And I live on a dirt road lol.
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    Engine oil

    someone mentioned in a thread a certain engine oil to try prior to committing to a RMS change but i lost the thread. Does anyone remember the oil recommended? Thanks
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    Smittybuilt swingout tire carrier rattles

    any suggestions on how to quiet down a smittybuilt swing out tire carrier. Making lots of racket when im on running dirt roads. Thanks
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    Over the spare storage rack

    I like the thought of having a storage rack over the spare and it seems like pretty easy project to build as opposed to buying (have a decent mig welder). Anyone done it? Any tips or recommendations? Thinking about something I can bolt to the existing spare tire carrier.
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    Cargo rack over spare tire?

    You guys gave some great advice regarding a winch (went with a warn evo) thanks for that. Next thing I'm looking for is a cargo rack for over the spare tire? Opinions on whether that the best choice or another option. Basically a place to store a duffel or cooler etc.
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    Smittybilt X20 winch opinions

    looking for personnel opinions on the x20 for a 2006 TJ
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    Does anyone make a soft top boot?

    Might be a dumb question but I'm looking for a soft top boot for when the top is down. On all the websites it shows the back seat folded down. On the 06 wrangler do you need to fold down the seat to put the folded down soft top in a boot. Any recommendations or o es to avoid? Thanks
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    Interior light question

    How are the interior lights intended to work? Currently only the sound pod lights work on the roll bar, no under dash lights. The ignition switch has a lot of slop in it and to turn on the lights I have to turn it the key counterclockwise all the way back and then forward one "notch" for the...
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    Adding a rocker switch

    My 2006 tj doesn't have any rocker switches, I'd like to add one inline with the 12v cigarette lighter so that it cant inadvertantly drain the battery. Anyone done something similar?