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  1. Big-Al

    Ideal tires?

    It's sneaking up on me. I am going to need new tires soon. I was wondering what are your guy's thoughts on the Cooper Discoverer AT tires for highways and tails? I'm in Florida so it's mostly mud, sand, or soft dirt on the trails. Is there a better tire for around $200 (or less)a pop?
  2. Big-Al

    How to Build Custom LED Strip Lighting

    I came across this video: and gave it a try since all my jeep fun is camping or Overlanding as they are calling it now. I finished it the night before I left to camp out in the everglades.
  3. Big-Al

    Can I mount a fuse block on the top of the air box?

    Is there any reason why I can't or shouldn't bolt a fuse block to the top of the stock air box?
  4. Big-Al

    Possible deals?

    I work around the block from Both my fedex and ups driver both told me today that they are going out of business so they may be having some online sales if anyone is needing anything. Just a FYI heads up type of thing.
  5. Big-Al

    Free DIY hardtop dolly plans

    Hey guys, I found this in desktop today. Completely forgot i had it. It's plans to make a hard top dolly pretty cheap. Nice little project for a rainy day if anyone's is interested.
  6. Big-Al

    Shock upgrade

    I am looking to upgrade my shocks. Mainly because they are still the original ones in my 06. If i'm pulling a small 5x8 camper should i think about getting better shocks? Beef it up a little bit (or a lot)? Does it even matter for the shocks with towing?
  7. Big-Al

    Suggestions on a cheap, functional TJ bumper with winch ready setup

    Any opinions on a cheap but functional front bumper with a winch ready set up?
  8. Big-Al

    A huge thanks

    I'm new to forum posting. This is my first post. But i have been coming to this forum for quite some time to learn about fixing things on my 06 TJ. I learned so much with how to do repairs on my own that this forum has saved me thousands of dollars in repair bills. Every place in town telling me...