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  1. BlueRidge304

    Anyone collect anything?

    Just curious if anyone collects anything. We recently moved, and I am fortunate to now have a home office. I've always wanted to do a vintage gas & oil/petroliana theme. While I really like the old oil cans, they can get expensive in a hurry, especially for a father of four. So I went a...
  2. BlueRidge304

    Let's see your TJ's storage compartment

    Just curious how others are utilizing the space behind the rear seat be it with tool boxes, amps & speakers, off road gear, or whatever really. I've had this wedge-shaped organizer thing from Bass Pro for years. After I got the TJ, I discovered it fits (barely) behind the seat.
  3. BlueRidge304

    Replacement Sway Bar Links for No Lift

    I'd like to begin replacing some of the worn front end parts on my 2004. I am going to start with the front Sway Bar Links and am seeking guidance on what to purchase. I have no lift and am on 31x10.50 tires, with plans to stay at the stock height for now. Here is what I've come up with: Are...
  4. BlueRidge304

    OEM Fogs - Changing to 'Selective Yellow'

    Has anyone tried using Daniel Stern's DIY 'Selective Yellow' method on the factory fog lights? His article suggests using Dupli-Color Metalcast Yellow. My fog lights lenses could use a nice refurbishing as they've oxidized over the years. I think while I have the lenses out, I'm going to try...
  5. BlueRidge304

    4WD light comes on with LED headlights and high beam indicator delay

    These new LED headlights are amazingly bright and a huge improvement over the Wagner sealed beams I had before. I am experiencing a couple of issues however: 1. When the brights are turned on, the 4WD light also comes on (Jeep is not in 4WD). 2. When the brights are turned off, the bright...
  6. BlueRidge304

    BlueRidge304's 2004 Jeep Wrangler RubiXcon

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new to the forum. Figured this would be a good starting point for my first post. After searching for almost a year, I recently picked up this clean rust free TJ in West Virginia near the Monongahela National Forest. From the factory it was a Wrangler X 'Rocky Mountain...