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  1. Big-Al

    Teardrop trailer weight and long hauls

    I converted a 5x8 cargo trailer into a camper and pull that all ready Florida. goes ok. Just sucks down the gas a lot faster.
  2. Big-Al

    What is the best headlight for the money?

    I used this one, it's a direct fit. Been a few years and they are still working great. I already had changed a fuse for other LED's so I'm not sure if...
  3. Big-Al

    What is the best headlight for the money?

    I work at a Harley parts store and I used the Harley Dresser headlights we sell. They are exactly the same headlight just different packaging. And a lot cheaper.
  4. Big-Al

    Sad news

    So sorry to hear that happened. Hurts to see the jeep on its side and not from being on a trail. Glad you're ok.
  5. Big-Al

    What's the best aftermarket air Intake?

    I have been doing little upgrades here and there. So far, everything you stated or suggested has worked out 100% for my Jeep. I'm very grateful.
  6. Big-Al

    What's the best aftermarket air Intake?

    I never knew this. I put in a K&N last year and I just cleaned it a week ago. Now my brain I thought since I spend most of my weekends out in the Florida Everglades or at the beach areas it would be better.
  7. Big-Al

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Have family who work in insurance and they warn everyone about those companies. Super dishonest.
  8. Big-Al

    Ideal tires?

    Yeah, I get that. That's why I was asking. Wanted to see what other opinions are out there.
  9. Big-Al

    Ideal tires?

    It's sneaking up on me. I am going to need new tires soon. I was wondering what are your guy's thoughts on the Cooper Discoverer AT tires for highways and tails? I'm in Florida so it's mostly mud, sand, or soft dirt on the trails. Is there a better tire for around $200 (or less)a pop?
  10. Big-Al

    How do I fix a dead OEM radio?

    South Florida radio is worthless.
  11. Big-Al

    How do I fix a dead OEM radio?

    Why do you think I was offering it 😂
  12. Big-Al

    How do I fix a dead OEM radio?

    I have an OEM stereo with a CD player out of an 06 if you want.
  13. Big-Al

    What have you carried in your TJ that was too big?

    Would my Ex be the wrong answer?
  14. Big-Al

    How long do I have with this rust?

    NY was the worst I experienced with the salty roads. I was born and raised up on Long Island and everything rusted to hell. Not to mention the salt air that didn't do any good.
  15. Big-Al

    How to Build Custom LED Strip Lighting

    Happy to share it. I did make on change after I posted this. I changed out the dimmer to this Dimmer. Fewer parts and works perfectly.
  16. Big-Al

    Hard top vs soft top

    I'm in south Florida and with a hardtop. It holds the A/C better I think lol
  17. Big-Al

    Potential pulley bearing noises?

    I had the same issue last week. My tensioner pulley went back. From what I see most of the time it's either the tensioner pulley or idler pulley. Both easy and cheap to fix.
  18. Big-Al

    Why is there no cargo light in TJs?

    This came in handy for me,
  19. Big-Al

    Is it time to change the accessory belt and tensioner?

    I'm glad I bought that tensioner and changed it when I did. the pulley locked up when I pulled into the shop this morning.