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  1. CodaMan

    How is the factory Rubicon locker disengaged?

    How is the locker disengaged? Is it done by turning the pump back on for another shot of air or some other way? In other words, what happens when I press the switch to unlock an axle?
  2. CodaMan

    Load range 'C' vs Load Range 'E' (my thoughts)

    This is more of a comment than a discussion, so for anyone that says there is no real riding difference between load range 'C' and 'E' tires ... YOU CRAZY!!! I just swapped to load range 'C' tires and I'm riding on a pillow now, a Jeep pillow but still a pillow :) Edit: I went from 'E' KO2s...
  3. CodaMan

    What are these wheels off a 2021 JL Rubicon called?

    Do they have an official name?
  4. CodaMan

    California 2002 - 2005 Jeep Radio and CD Player

    2002 - 2005 Jeep Radio and CD Player. Perfect working and cosmetic condition (don't mind the dust in the picture). Free shipping to lower 48.
  5. CodaMan

    Holy this video for real?

    I couldn't locate it on YouTube, but here's a Facebook link. Maybe someone has a non facebook link for those who don't use it.
  6. CodaMan

    Found new wheels, can I get adapters?

    I'm wanting to go to 33" tires. I just found these on 24" wheels. I wonder if I can get adapters for them and would they have a soft ride to them?
  7. CodaMan

    SOLD Auto Transmission Cooling Kit

    I have a Derale 13950 Remote Mount Transmission Cooler Kit I purchased for another vehicle that I sold before I could install it. This kit at Amazon is $185. It will need a couple fittings for Jeep adaption and the mounting bracket. The bracket is $68 at Jeggs. The fittings will be easy to...
  8. CodaMan

    It's 105 degrees outside. Can my cooling system handle it?

    105* outside with A/C on max and all OEM parts is no problem.
  9. CodaMan

    Do factory Rubicon lockers disengage once the vehicle reaches 10 MPH?

    Do the factory lockers disengage once the vehicle reaches 10 MPH?
  10. CodaMan

    Draining oil with engine skid?

    Draining engine oil with an engine skid can be a hassle. What is everyone doing? I see this fitting from Fumoto, any others out there?
  11. CodaMan

    My RMS Replacement Update

    My Jeep dripped 4 or 5 drops of oil from the bottom of the bell housing each night and my OCD just won't allow for that. I ordered the RMS, pan gasket and the proper silicone to perform the job. I also ordered a valve cover gasket since they're less intrusive and easier to replace and because...
  12. CodaMan

    A deal on Corbeau Baja XP Suspension Seats
  13. CodaMan

    GMRS Antenna Mount Options

    My Jeeps mates all run GMRS radios. I have handheld radios but I'm going to do a hard mount radio. I'm struggling over antennas. Here are the two options I'm looking at. Opinions? 1) Mount a 6 db gain 32" whip antenna on my passenger side taillight using a Teraflex mount. It would mirror...
  14. CodaMan

    SOLD Rancho RS5000X Shocks For Sale

    I have a set of RS5000X shocks for sale with less than 4000 miles of no off-road on them. If you read this forum much you will know that these are the "go to" shock of choice. I switched them out for shorter ones. These are The RS55239 and RS55241 and would be perfect for a 3-4" lifted Jeep...
  15. CodaMan

    Looking at new tires — Any concerns with these?

    I currently have LT285/75R16 M/Ts on stock 16" Moabs. I really want to switch to an A/T but finding them in a 16" with load range 'C' is almost impossible. I do like the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W. I have a couple of concerns with them. Should I be?
  16. CodaMan

    Where does this go?

    This was on my floor board and I can't figure out where it goes. Any help?
  17. CodaMan

    Looking for a rust free TJ?

    I saw this in the Home Depot parking a few minutes ago. Super clean, 2006 Golden Eagle. 4.0L, Auto, Dana 44 rear, 3.73 gear ratio, 136,000 miles, ZERO rust California vehicle, No CEL, used as tow behind RV, owner says it runs perfect. I have the VIN if interested. $8,500
  18. CodaMan

    A must for EVERY vehicle (it may save a life)

    Every vehicle you and your family own should have one of these inside it. It my just save a life. 40% off through 11/30
  19. CodaMan

    Check this YJ out

  20. CodaMan

    Is this safe to drive

    or is it too far gone?