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  1. BlueChip

    Are there any rear bumpers that cover the body lift butt crack?

    Any rear bumpers that cover up the body lift “butt crack”? Looking for basic with receiver and 2 d rings. Matching front would be a plus. (Want a receiver in front also for cooler and fishing rod rack)
  2. BlueChip

    Issues going into gear after body lift install

    Installed the Savvy 1.25 BL and 1" MML last weekend, went to take her for a spin and i cant get into 2,4,6,R. Tried moving the console back some, but it appears there's not too much movement and stay with the same holes It appears this is a common issue, but what are the fixes?? Chris
  3. BlueChip

    Mechanic style gloves

    What gloves are people using while working on your Jeep? Looking for something with some dexterity but also protect from knuckle busting. I’ve tried a few from HF and TSC but at $20 a pop, I’m done experimenting haha. Figured I’d ask here to get some thought and experiences. Chris
  4. BlueChip

    WTB: Adjustable Front Trackbar - 4" lift

    Looking for an adjustable Front Trackbar. Either recommendation (link please) OR a New/Used one from a member.
  5. BlueChip

    Connecticut Springs

    2.5” lift. Was on my LJ before i replaced the springs / shocks. Unknown brand but rode nice and very clean and zero rust or decay.
  6. BlueChip

    WTB: Center console door

    Wtb a center console door. Door has a crack on top, went to go back to factory style.
  7. BlueChip

    Do you paint the bolts when painting your diff cover?

    When you have painted the Dana 30/Dana 44, did you do the bolts also???? from this... To this: Black or red bolts???? (All black LJ for reference )
  8. BlueChip

    Connecticut LJ floor carpet take outs

    2005 LJ carpet taken outs. Fender wells are pretty clean. Floor is cut just rear of the seat belts. Free, just pay for shipping.
  9. BlueChip

    Southern LJ Moves North

    Well, she’s finally home. After years of on and off searching, and some awesome help from this forum, I purchased a 2005 LJ. 2005 165k miles 6speed manual Working on some Paint correction in the garage tonight, but over all she’s in amazing snap for a 2005. I scoped the frame and I have...
  10. BlueChip

    Connecticut Any northeast clubs?

    Any clubs up here in the restricted lands of New England?? Looking to ride family style mainly from November to may. But here and there in the summer too. Chris