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  1. samobius

    Help finding messed up Jeep video

    Hoping someone can help me find a video I came across that made me laugh but for the life of me can't find it again There's a guy that's on the side of a highway assessing damage on his Jeep. It starts off with him saying "on today's episode of how f'd up is f'd up" ... Then he shows the flat...
  2. samobius

    Lighting Harness Connectors

    I'm in the process of de-metalcloaking my Jeep and I'm having to restore my harness. I found a harness on Ebay and it appears that it will be compatible, however I noticed that is has some extra connections but only on the driver's side It has connections for headlights, left and right...
  3. samobius

    RS5000X Rear Shock Valving

    I was doing some work on my Jeep today and my wife noticed that I had bashed one of my shocks against a rock and it was dented pretty bad. It's a shock from an old BDS lift and I've never really been happy with it because with the hard top on and a big tire hanging on the back, I always hit my...
  4. samobius

    Tire size measurement methods

    Can we have a discussion on the best method to measure tires? Here are my viewpoints on the matter. Measuring a tire from ground to top of the tire has issues for a few reasons: It's impossible to account for the load from one vehicle to another as a comparison for what a tire will look like...
  5. samobius

    Hood grill bumpers

    Had to have my hood replaced at the body shop but they didn't put on the rubber bumpers that go in the hood and rest on the grill. Does anyone know the part number?
  6. samobius

    Condenser Hell

    My original 2003 Sahara A/C condenser has had a leak since I bought it. A couple of years ago I ordered a replacement from Rock Auto, but it was the wrong one. I chalked that one up to my ignorance because after doing some researching I found I needed part number 55037618AD. I found one at...