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  1. SaharaBound

    What is the “off” position for on ignition cylinder?

    I am replacing my cylinder this week because I can’t turn it to Acc and my key (including spares) are getting stuck. I never really thought of this until now but what is the ”off“ position for? When I turn it to that the key is stuck in and everything is off. 98 auto
  2. SaharaBound

    Best cutting tool for bolts, specifically the passenger side track bar bolt?

    So my passenger side track bar bolt is stripped and looks like the PO over torqued it, screw T50 torx :mad:, and I think I am just going to cut the bolt on each side and punch it out. That being said what is the best cordless tool for the job a grinder or reciprocating saw? Also what brand or...
  3. SaharaBound

    Rd 559/Medano Pass

    My fiancé and I decided to go down to the Great Sand Dunes NP this Labor Day weekend. We left Friday morning and got back Sunday afternoon, so we could beat the touristy traffic. I have never been down to the Dunes and decided to take the Medano Pass down from road CO 559. The red pin is the...
  4. SaharaBound

    Refreshing front steering components need help With Front Track Bar Removal

    So for the life of me I cannot get the axle Torx bolt out! I PB sprayed the nut side of it everyday for a week and will not budge and now it is stripping a little. Any tricks or do I just cut the bolt? On the bright side I was able to do the ZJ swap and new sway bar and links with ease. Pics Below
  5. SaharaBound

    Colorado Tow Hitch and Bumpers

    Take offs from my my 98 Sahara. Local Pick Up Preferred or buyer pays shipping. The front bumper has some damage. Open to trades or Offers
  6. SaharaBound

    SOLD Rough Country Sway Bar Links

    Used RC sway bar links. I’m pretty sure they are these. I bought a used sway bar and they were on it and...
  7. SaharaBound

    I have a theory on rusty TJs

    I can’t tell if it is just because I own a 1998 Sahara, but I feel like the Sahara edition is more prone to frame and body rust. It is Ike the trim package holds the water in.
  8. SaharaBound

    Is bending rear license plate legal in CO?

    I want to bend my license plate with the contour of the tub. Has anyone done this in Colorado. I want to make sure I don’t get pulled over for something stupid like that.
  9. SaharaBound

    Is $400 a fair price for Warn bumper set?

    Morning all! I bit the bullet and purchased a used warn front bumper with winchplate and bull guard, and a rear with tire carrier all for $400 including shipping and freshly power coated. Is that a fair price? Hopefully I didn’t get hosed.
  10. SaharaBound

    How many hours to remove and weld in new rear upper spring mounts?

    Long story short, I found a place that said they will weld in my new rear upper spring mounts for me. It’s $110 an hour, which where I live and that I’m bringing in my own parts seems fair. How many hours do you all think it will take for a shop to remove old spring mounts and weld in the new...
  11. SaharaBound

    Synthetic blend 10w30 Quesion

    Was at Wally World and accidentally purchased the Valvoline 10w30 Max life synthetic blend instead of the typical Dino Valvoline. Has anyone used the Maxlife with good results or should I just go and exchange
  12. SaharaBound

    Suggestions for rear coil spring bracket replacement

    Hey all so if you didn’t see my last thread I was going to instal a 2” OME spring lift... Well plans changed my rear coil spring brackets are shot! Has anyone tried the doorman replacement brackets...
  13. SaharaBound

    OME 933 / 949 Coil Spring Install (Any Advice?)

    I just purchased some gently used Heavy Duty OME Coil Springs for my 98 TJ. Right now I just have the factory springs with Rancho 5000x RS55128/240 shocks sitting on 31” BFGs. I wanted heavy because I have a hardtop, full spare, and typically carry a bunch of gear for work and I hope to add a...