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  1. rraulston

    It has begun: My attempt at rebuilding my 6-speed NSG370

    And, here we go.....
  2. rraulston

    Engine does not run right after valve job

    In a previous thread, I posted about a P0301 misfire. #1 compression was 125. The rest were 160... So I pulled the head and discovered the exhaust valve was not seating correctly. I sourced another 0331 head and had the machine shop magna flux/shot peen/valve job/deck it. Basically the head...
  3. rraulston

    P0301 and nothing left to change but this

    I have literally changed everything know to man in an attempt to rid myself of this P0301 misfire code. The only thing left was a compression test. Guess what. Cylinder 1 was 125. all the rest were in the 160s. So I pulled the head. The number 1 exhaust valve was recessed in the seat!! All the...
  4. rraulston

    Will a Rubicon 241OR transfer case bolt up to an AX-15 transmision?

    I am considering shedding the NSG370 and converting to an AX15 and have the complete parts list but don't know if my 241 will bolt up and be clocked correctly. Anyone know?? Thanks
  5. rraulston

    Has anyone used the 1" Energy Suspension body lift?

    I need new body mount bushings and was also thinking about adding a 1" body lift to my 3" suspension lift and discovered energy suspension has just that. New poly bushings with 1" of body lift! I know poly transfers vibrations, but I'm almost riding on metal now as the rubber mounts are...
  6. rraulston

    Help with U-Joint Identification

    So I removed the rear drive shaft. Its a double cardan for my 05 Rubi thus not stick. Spicer appears to be stamped all over it. Ive searched for awhile and am still confused as to which part #s I need. The two u-joints on the ends appear the same, hell all 3 look the same, but there are...
  7. rraulston

    Did my 05 Rubicon come with a double cardan rear driveshaft from the factory?

    I'm trying to order rear u joints and its getting confusing. If its not the factory rear driveshaft, then it gets even more confusing. Thanks..
  8. rraulston

    Karma finally paid me a visit!! WOW!!

    Ive been pretty fortunate over the years and when I sell or trade stuff, I practically give it away....So the other night I saw a guy with a set of these for sale..: Well, since...
  9. rraulston

    Jeep TJ electronic key system

    If my Jeep is equipped with a chipped key from the factory, is that sufficient to prevent theft?? Thanks....
  10. rraulston

    Help with rim sizing for an 05 Rubicon

    So I just reduced the lift height on my Rubicon from 4.5" to 3". I want to run 33x10.5 tires. Half the comments I read say the 33s will be OK with 3" lift and half say you need 4". I will simply add a 1.25" body lift if they don't work so lets not go there. My question is I like my tires to be...
  11. rraulston

    Just removed my 4.5" springs and installed the 3": Did my toe change?

    After the install, It looks like my toe drastically changed!!?? really?
  12. rraulston

    Is the 231 and 241 transfer case interchangeable?

    I am considering doing this: NSG370 to ax15 Terminator transmission conversion: 1. Bell housing from advance adapters Part #712590 = 425.00, needed because it puts flywheel position sensor in correct location. 2. Brand new ax15 1795.00 plus 100.00 shipping from Rockland Standard Gear they have...
  13. rraulston

    Seeking words of wisdom from the knowledgeable on tire size

    I am currently in the process of down "lifting" my jeep from a 4.5" Rubicon Express lift to a 3" Teraflex lift. My usage is to drive a few hundred miles to basic dirt trails, putt around the desert then drive home. In its current state, I'm good for 50 miles and done. I just need more road...
  14. rraulston

    Today I sprayed U-POL Raptor Liner on my fender flares

    It was quite easy. Hardest part was removing the flares. Good prep work is vital....I think I'm going to do the hard top inside and out next....
  15. rraulston

    Thinking about lowering my TJ Rubicon

    Well I have a 4.5" Rubicon Express lift and its a bit high for what I want. I was thinking about a set of 3" springs from Terraflex. I just need a little more driveability on the highway to get to the wheeling spots I want to visit. The way it is now, I wouldn't drive it 600 miles to hit...
  16. rraulston

    New TJ owner. Need help sorting alignment...

    So I picked up a new to me 2005 Rubicon. It was barely drivable. Severe bump steer/wobble/drift, you name it. After doing a lot of research on here, and physically checking the Jeep, all 4 shocks were bad. Zero dampening. Replaced with Bilstein 5100. Drop pitman arm was replaced with a factory...