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  1. Stuckless

    Artec Industries 1-ton axle swap: Who has done it?

    So to make a long story short, I have been present the opportunity of a set of freebie 1 tons from a 2012 ford F-350. Dana 60 front and sterling 10.5 in the rear, Been looking for swap kits and truss but the only thing i can seem to find are from Artec Industries. Anybody use these kits? Anybody...
  2. Stuckless

    Let See your Tire Carrier Builds

    So im in need of a new project and my TJ also needs a tire carrier. So I figured id put two together and build one :oops: That being said i would like to see what you guys have come up with? My plan is to use the stock bumper and figure out a way that i could make it stronger to handle a swing...
  3. Stuckless

    Need ideas for rocker switch panel

    So I’m running out of spots to put rocker switches. I need ideas for a neat rocker switch panel! Been searching for one to buy and if course everything for the jk but nothing for a tj 😡 let’s see your set up!
  4. Stuckless

    Ford excursion Axles

    Hello! Newbie here.. so apologies if I’m not posting in the correct forum. So I have a question I’m hoping uou fellow jeepers May know the answer too. I have a 03 tj sport with a 4.0 and manual trans. Completely stock other then 33s I use for my daily’s driver and weekend warrior. I have a...