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  1. TheShakes90

    Questions about front brake hard lines

    I was planning on putting the YJ hoses on today to get ready for my lift, but the tube nut decided it likes it's current home. I'm currently putting penetrating oil on it to try again next week however I want to be ready for worst case scenario. Does anyone by chance know the length of the...
  2. TheShakes90

    Intake manifold swap

    I'm getting ready to move forward with my intake, but ran into a snag with the PCV. The way I see it I can go a few different routes: 1) fully custom with either 1/2" tube or breathe to atmosphere 2) swap my 2006 manifold and tube to an 04 or prior tube and manifold 3) modify my current tube to...
  3. TheShakes90

    Intake other than windstar

    After quite a few mockups with the Windstar I've decided to go a slightly different route, an intake from a 94 Buick with the 2.2 I4 Since I'll be going about it in roughly the same way as the Windstar I've got a question about fitment. Looks like the radius is about .5-.75" larger than the...
  4. TheShakes90

    Rerouting front PCV for intake install

    As I get closer to doing an intake install I've got one last loose end I've got an 06 which, if I'm understanding correctly, is one of two years where the front PCV goes to the air box. I'm trying to reroute it so it's still in a decent spot and the only two things that come to mind is to...
  5. TheShakes90

    Cleaning out the back for new paint

    Anyone know what this stuff is? Figured I'd ask before I hit it with the angle grinder
  6. TheShakes90

    How do you prevent adjustable control arms from not moving due to rust?

    I live in the rust belt and last summer installed some Rokmen arms, went out today to readjust because something feels wrong (angle was wrong since I didn't correct after removing a tcase drop) , but the joints were rusted to where they wouldn't move and even the Johnny joint itself is extremely...
  7. TheShakes90

    Low fluids?

    2006 LJ Dana 44 Just replaced the pinion seal and refilled, but I feel like not enough went in. Using here, a Haynes, and a few other spots I know the 44 should hold 2qts oil, however using the often wrong measurements on the jug it started coming out the weep hole at about 1.5qts. My pinion is...
  8. TheShakes90

    Summer projects

    Since riding season is just about here I'm starting to look into what I'll be doing to my 2006 LJ during summer, and I'm a little lost while looking at a few of the items and a couple others I would like some opinions on 1) cable transfer case actuator: while I'm pretty set on getting the Savvy...
  9. TheShakes90

    Body lift worst case scenario (theoretically)

    I'm getting my plans together to purchase and install a body lift on my 06 LJ, currently I'm planning on purchasing from MORE just so I can easily get a zinc coated MML at the same time. Based on some of my current modifications and the headaches that have caused a much higher work load, control...
  10. TheShakes90

    42RLE assist

    I swear I've seen the fix for this before, but while googling all I've been able to find is if it won't shift out of park or into first and doing the chop sticks fix. First off 2006 LJ 42RLE Occasionally when I park I have to give the shifter a little love tap(not like a drunken trailer park...
  11. TheShakes90

    Door latch mechanism is freezing

    I'm gonna try to explain this as best I can. The latch mechanism on my left full door is currently freezing up, as best as I can tell that's what's happening. It's happened a few times today where I'll go to close the door and the latch won't secure on the hook, it is properly aligned though...
  12. TheShakes90

    New Fog Lights

    Last winter one of my foglights got broken off, a little embarrassing a tow straps took it when I was hauling a gate closed. Well my buddy who sold his JK gave me his old foglights for free so I figured why not. What do you guys think of the end product?
  13. TheShakes90

    Tape behind flare extensions

    I've got some rust to remove being my flare extensions, fortunately I wasn't planning on putting them back on since I had to cut and drill them off. Before I start the rust removal, any idea what this is? I've shown a light through it and can't see it in either the engine bay or the interior...
  14. TheShakes90

    Differentials and Gears

    So after doing a ton of research at work last night, don't judge to much, and a little more at home I'm writing this to get my thoughts in order and maybe get a few things explained a little better. Vehicle: 2006 LJ with Dana 30/44, 42RLE, 33" tires, and stock differentials and transfer case...
  15. TheShakes90

    Seized Door Help

    So I'm nearing my breaking point, where I will either start breaking stuff or just start replacing random parts. Bought my 06 LJ that I'm pretty sure never had the doors off. A couple days ago I broke out the floor jack and started removing my left door, bent the rail in the process. The door...
  16. TheShakes90

    General questions from newish owner

    I bought my 2006 LJ about a year ago and this summer I'm catching up on maintenance I should've done last summer but ran out of time. 1) I found a leak in my vacuum line for my HVAC system. I've gone through a few dozen threads trying to find where to buy a replacement, but most either don't...