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  1. Byhumba

    In search of a fold-down tailgate table for a TJ

    Got it. Thanks! I placed an order. I will give an update here if they have it in stock or not.
  2. Byhumba

    In search of a fold-down tailgate table for a TJ

    Oh wow! It is the same table, even the same brand. I wonder if they have an old inventory. The Outback Adventures owner told me he had none and would only make more if there was enough interest. At the time I wrote to him, he said he had no plans of making more. Thx for the link. I'll order one...
  3. Byhumba

    In search of a fold-down tailgate table for a TJ

    Maybe we should create a list of people interested in buying the Outback Adventures and let the owner know. I'm sure if we have at least 5 committed people, he would make another batch. I'm for sure getting it if available.
  4. Byhumba

    The Official Jeep Wrangler JL 392 V8 Discussion Thread

    So, $75K it is.
  5. Byhumba

    Have you ever added up how much money you’ve put into your TJ?

    I told my wife I've won all the new parts that have arrived at home, and the parts I pick up from people on craigslist and OfferUp are given to me for free because the Jeep community is a very given community. I tend to believe my own stories to cope, so I've spent $0 on my Jeep.
  6. Byhumba

    You might be a mall crawler if...

    If someone asks you if you ever use your lockers, and your response is "my doors are always locked when I park imy Jeep at the mall..." ...You Might be (definitely are?) a Mall Crawler.
  7. Byhumba

    Who hates Christmas?

    Yeah. I'm a big grinch when it comes to Christmas. Like you, I love Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday).
  8. Byhumba

    In search of a fold-down tailgate table for a TJ

    I reached out to the owner of Outback Adventures about 3 months ago asking if he was planning on ever making tailgate tables for the TJ again. He said he has seen interest on them grow again lately, and may make a new batch if the interest is big enough. They are expensive, but as far as quality...
  9. Byhumba

    Warning: TJ internet parts scam

    I'm trying to order some earrings for my wife, but everytime I try to go to my cart, it takes me to the 392 Rubicon ordering instructions page.
  10. Byhumba

    5.3 Chevy or 5.2 Mopar?

    Another video. For what it's worth, he has done many LS swaps, but is now going with Mopar swaps. He explains why in the video.
  11. Byhumba

    A 2006 Unlimited Rubicon with Nth Degree Lift and 9800 original miles for $13,000?

    Good detective work. I wonder how they do these scams? The Ebay post says in person pick up and cash or money order.
  12. Byhumba

    TrailRecon traded the Gladiator for a Power Wagon

    Agree. He probably also has good connections with some dealers and maybe even with Chrysler/Jeep. YouTube is not what it used to be when it comes to making people rich.
  13. Byhumba

    The Official Jeep Wrangler JL 392 V8 Discussion Thread

    Is the markup of $6-10K some dealers are charging to order a 392 a sign of high interest? I hope the Bronco competition helps bring that markup down. Or, Ford may decide to follow Jeep and increase theirs. Ugh
  14. Byhumba

    ARB air pump feedback in CB radio

    The link below will take you to a long read, but it is very informative. I bought 5 ground mesh wires and placed them throughout my Jeep. Connect all your grounds to the body, engine, or frame, but make sure those are, what is referred to as, bonded.
  15. Byhumba

    Double DIN Android Head Unit (InsaneAudio TJ1001) Chinese Knock-Off Review

    This is the one I bought. As @MrMark52 said, there are different variations. Some come as 100% touchscreen. This one on the link has knobs.
  16. Byhumba

    Security trunk on offerup for $90

    Thanks for that. I just might make an offer.
  17. Byhumba

    Security trunk on offerup for $90

    This one seems to be a Bestop brand. The originals came with Jeep written on the top right? How much were this originally?
  18. Byhumba

    The Official Jeep Wrangler JL 392 V8 Discussion Thread

    My heart is saying again to get it. My wallet is going to have to agree one way or another. I'm getting this 392 Rubicon. Shut up wallet! Anyone interested in buying a kidney?
  19. Byhumba

    How much should it cost to paint half doors to match the Jeep?

    I stripped my half doors prior to taking them for an estimate. Maaco gave me a $400 price, but I read they can do a poor job. I went to a local shop with great reviews, and the job done on them was amazing for $700.00. The doors were in great condition except for about 5 small dents between them.