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  1. wigsajumper

    Will a non-vented tailgate from a 97 TJ fit my 04 TJ?

    I haven't had any issues with my swap. But I have moved to soft top only
  2. wigsajumper

    P1391 Code & Low Power

    @RMETeeJay The engine was warm. By the time of the video the Jeep had been running/idling for almost 45 minutes while I was checking sensors with Torque Pro app and cleaning snow. It has been a couple of years since the spark plugs had been changed. Since it was suggested I check them earlier...
  3. wigsajumper

    P1391 Code & Low Power

    A few weeks ago on the way to work the CEL came on. Pulled the Code and it was p1391. Was having significant power loss on the way home. Jeep was struggling to climb hills. I ordered both MOPAR sensors and replaced both. The code cleared while I was working on the vehicle because the I...
  4. wigsajumper

    We are thinking about moving someplace warmer

    Wife and I have been talking about the same thing. As soon as the boys are done with college we are probably switching to travel CT/RN work. AZ, NM, CO, or Western Texas probably.
  5. wigsajumper

    Jeep Wrangler TJ Crankshaft Position Sensor Replacement

    Just swapped out mine today. Seems just like @Jerry Bransford said location and part number varies depends on model year. Details for mine is as below. 2004 TJ Unlimited Auto Transmission Part number 4727451AA Passenger side of the bell housing just behind the Starter motor.
  6. wigsajumper

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    LJ threw a code a few weeks ago and just got a chance to work on it today (almost 70° F in Maine in November woot). Started off attempting to replace the Camshaft position sensor. Only took me two hours to get it off. Those little bolts had rusted into two smooth little humps. Hopefully will...
  7. wigsajumper

    Any retro CJ style TJs out there?

    American Convoy Soft Top I assume. Really like them just the price makes me twitch. Really looks good though.
  8. wigsajumper

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Spent more money on RockAuto. P1391 popped up today on the way to work. Decided to just swap out both of Camshaft and Crank Position Sensors since I don't know how old either of them are. Also researching purchasing the Safety T Caps or Pocono Metal Craft frame repair kits. Leaning toward...
  9. wigsajumper

    What is the stereo in your TJ? Double, single or maybe basic?

    Do you remember the model number you purchased?
  10. wigsajumper

    SOLD Early TJ sun visors (khaki) - FREE, just pay shipping

    @Ephry73 Sorry forgot to post this a given away.
  11. wigsajumper

    LED fog lights causing constant CB radio static

    Maybe try some of these on the headlight wireloom EDIT: I can not remember if you put the core on the wire you want to shield or the wire that is giving off RF sorry. It has been almost 14 years since I was in an electronics shop Ferrite Cores. They can soak up some of the RF interference...
  12. wigsajumper

    WTB: TJ Unlimited (LJ) Frame

    Thanks for the link. Actually was in correspondence with the gentleman. Would prefer just the frame and not have to deal with offloading the axles and wheels.
  13. wigsajumper

    WTB: TJ Unlimited (LJ) Frame

    Looking for an LJ Frame in the Northeast area.
  14. wigsajumper

    2001 TJ frame replacement

    @TJ's-TJ Happen to have a name for this guy? Just punched a hold in the bottom rail of my TJ Unlimited Frame so in the market. Have a line on a frame in VT but open to looking at other options.
  15. wigsajumper

    Rear Popping / Groaning From Rear

    Hope not. All my Jeep money just got used for my oldest's orthodontics work. Will check it out as soon as I have a chance to crawl under the Jeep
  16. wigsajumper

    Rear Popping / Groaning From Rear

    @Lou Only when moving (Just spent about 5 minutes standing on the rear bumper and bouncing) @fizzlebottom just replaced the rear swaybar endlinks and bushings this winter but will include them when I check the rest of your suggestions thank you
  17. wigsajumper

    Rear Popping / Groaning From Rear

    Recently there has been a groaning/creaking noise coming from the rear axle area. Occasionally there will be a popping when it has been sitting for a few days when first moving. Had it looked at by the local Jeep dealership when it was in for Oil Change and tire rotation. They couldn't find...
  18. wigsajumper

    What do you do for a day job?

    I run this thing. I am a CT Tech at a small rural hospital. Actually really in enjoy my job. One of the few jobs you can tell the person you are helping out "I hope I never see you again." and you don't get in trouble. Before that I was in the Army for about 8 yrs and change.
  19. wigsajumper

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Finally swapped out the old paint flaking hood for a new one I got from a jeep parts guy. Just need to do some re-configuring of the window spray. New hood is from a 2000 TJ and my LJ is a 2004. The new hood has two holes for spray nozzles so just need to add an extra nozzle.
  20. wigsajumper

    New Member from Mass

    Welcome from North of Yah. Nice Silver LJ