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  1. PCO6

    Dashboard Camera Mounts for TJ

    I made a pair of dashboard camera mounts so I thought I'd pass along how I did it. It was quite simple and the only material needed other than the cameras, parts, etc. was a couple of pieces of angle iron. I started with 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.125" angle and cut 2 pieces about 12" long. I used...
  2. PCO6

    Show Us Your Camp Photos

    I don't know if there's a thread for general camping trip photos or if this is the best place for one. Chris - if there is please shut this down or redirect it. Anyway, here are a few of a 5 day trip we made to Pog Lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario this week. If you have ones you'd like to...
  3. PCO6

    LJ Boat

    Strange idea but it appears to have been done well.
  4. PCO6

    Jeep Comanche Barn Find

    Although not a TJ story, I thought I'd share this for a couple of reasons. It's a neat story (I think) and it involves another Wrangler Jeep TJ Forum member, fellow LJ owner Drizit, and myself. This Jeep, a 1988 Comanche, basically found me. I had no desire to acquire another MJ but I'm...
  5. PCO6

    How to Remove Broken Locking Lug Nuts

    I started to rotate my wheels a few days ago. The left rear came off easily using my DeWalt 20V 1/2" drive impact gun. The right rear lug nuts however would not budge. I resorted to my 24" breaker bar and they were on TIGHT! Just as I was thinking ... "something is going to break" ...
  6. PCO6

    Happy Canada Day 150

    Happy Canada Day 150 to all of the Canadians on the forum! ... and an early happy Independence Day to our American friends.
  7. PCO6

    Console and Glove Box Locks

    Has anyone had new keys made for their console lid and glove box ... when they DON'T have a key for them that works? My LJ came with a damaged console lid and no lock. The glove box has a lock but my ignition/door key doesn't work in it. I suspect it's not the original door. I've tried...
  8. PCO6

    Beer Shifter

    Not really a "shop tip" but it is in my shop and I'm always looking for ways to improve it. Today I made a TJ "beer shifter" for my garage fridge. I'll let you now how it works when I wake up tomorrow ... probably at about noon. :D
  9. PCO6

    How To Install YJ Half Doors on a TJ

    I installed YJ half doors on my TJ and although this is nothing new I thought others might be interested in how it's done ... or at least how I did it. For the half door bottoms the years don't matter as they're all the same. I have a 2003 TJ with MOPAR half doors from a 1992 YJ. I also...
  10. PCO6

    How to install Hyundai Tiburon seats in a Jeep Wrangler TJ

    I needed to deal with the front driver's seat of my '03 TJ which was looking pretty bad. The options were to reupholster, recover or replace them. I chose to replace both seats with a set from an auto wrecker. It was basically the most economical way to go and I think I ended up with a better...
  11. PCO6

    New from Newmarket

    I just joined and am enjoying what I've seen so far! I've owned a Cherokee XJ 2 dr. for years. When I retired a few years ago I had to return my company car and I decided it was finally time for a TJ as I wasn't getting any younger. Since then I've also acquired an LJ. I only own Jeeps...