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  1. somis81

    How do I remove the center console lock?

    Can someone tell me how to remove my console lock. I bought a used 1998 TJ console but didn't get a key for it. The lock is unlocked and works, it has a small allen key screw at the bottom and is metal. I am looking to get a new lock and key, but its very hard to find one. See 2 photos
  2. somis81

    WTB: 1998 TJ Center console lock and key wanted

    Looking to buy a lock and key for a 1998 TJ center console. I bought the console used but it didn't come with a key.
  3. somis81

    98 TJ blank dash switches

    I know there must be a post about this, but cant seem to find it. I have 2 blank switch panels both sides of the rear hardtop wiper washer switch that's above the cig lighter receptacle. I opened the module and there are wire looms going to both blank switches. I figure they must be for adding...
  4. somis81

    1998 Wrangler hood rod retainer clip installation

    I have a 98 Wrangler TJ and the hood rod retainer clip that came with it was a black metal spring clip that went into a small aprox 3/8" round hole on the sloped part under the hood. Its the scuffed round hole. (not the square hole) It came loose and one day I was pushing the rod into it and...
  5. somis81

    98 Wrangler TJ wheel spacers

    After a 2" lift, I have a rub on full Steering turn on the front tires. Can I just put the spacers on the front wheels or do I need to put them on all 4 wheels?