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  1. Hopper

    Tackling rust on floor pans and torque box sections

    I am planning on fixing more rust issues this Summer. I have taken care of the frame and now moving to floor pans and torque box sections. My question is it appears the roll bar is attached to the rear torque box section under the rear floor pan. Anyone tackle this section? Any help or...
  2. Hopper

    Muffler Heat shield removal?

    My heat shield is just laying their. the last bolt holding it in place rusted. I tried snatching it out but seemed to be kinda hard since it was raining. Can this thing be removed without removing the muffler?
  3. Hopper

    Intrior window strip

    the attachment points on the strip that snugs the window are broke. When I roll down the window it kinda flips and binds inside the door. I really gotta muscle it to roll the window down. Anyone know what that strip is called and know were to get a replacement?
  4. Hopper

    Does your Jeep making creaking noises?

    Another dumb question. Does yalls lifted Jeeps "creak" when slowly taking off, reversing or crawling over stuff??
  5. Hopper

    Rear track adjustment

    I have a rough country rear track bar and I cant get my axle aligned. When I turn the adjuster one side gets small and the othe gets longer. I feel like I just burned one trying to figure this out. At this point the red arrow side is all the way in and cant be turned anymore. Before that I had...
  6. Hopper

    Will a motor mount lift cause any issues with SYE and CV driveshaft?

    Bit the bullit and ordered SYE and driveshaft for a 4" lift. I have a 1 inch body lift that is staying on. I have Browndog raised motor mounts I have yet to install. Will the raised motor mount cause any issue with the SYE and cv drive shaft?
  7. Hopper

    Does the vent placement vary on different distributor caps?

    My center spark connection was toast. Went to buy a new cap and rotor to replace but they only had the cap. I put it together by using the vent on the old one as reference. When I screwed the newly wired cap on it didnt fit exact. Cranked up but was missing. When I turn the new cap around with...
  8. Hopper

    Is this steering shaft joint replaceable?

    is this joint replaceable on my upper steering shaft closest to the firewall. It is pretty wobbly when I turn the wheel.
  9. Hopper

    Heater Core Flush

    I plan on running water through my heater core from my hose. After I flush it with the hose do I just hook the hoses back up and run the engine or is there more to it.
  10. Hopper

    Noise coming from wheel

    I jacked my Jeep up today and the left back tire makes a slight noise when I wiggle it. Sound like a slight metal on metal maybee the drum? Any ideas what this is or if its normal. Haven't tried the other side yet.
  11. Hopper

    Flag decal on the hood

    Any pics of flag decals preferably for our hoods? I am wanting to get one.
  12. Hopper

    Transmission mount bolt just spins when trying to loosen

    I need to loosen my transmission bolts to install a motor mount lift. My understanding is the four bolts in the middle front of the skid/x member need to be loosened to not put stress on it while installing the mounts. 3 out of the four loosen and one just spins. Any suggestions would be...
  13. Hopper

    Do these tires look weird?

  14. Hopper

    Need more interior lighting

    I dont run a sound bar and no hard top. I have the stock lights in the front floor. Cant see nothin at night in the cab. What is a good way to add light in my Jeep?
  15. Hopper

    Clicking in front 30 differential

    Noticed today when front is jacked up and Jeep in in neutral there is a clicking noise in the front differential when I spin the tire. Normal??
  16. Hopper

    Can't remove upper front control arm

    This flag just keeps spinning. Can I cut it off at the flag and knock out the bolt?
  17. Hopper

    Anyone have experience with Maxxis Bighorn tires?

    Anyone have any experience on their Jeep with the Bighorn tires? Looks like I can get a set of 33s at a decent price locally.
  18. Hopper

    Mostest Bestest Pinion Seal Eva?

    I need to tackle my front 30 pinion seal. This will be new to me. What is the recommendation for a seal? Can I go local auto parts or is this another special order for my Drama Queen Jeep that seems to only like specific parts.
  19. Hopper

    Antirock this way

    does anyone know if I can run the currie with the conector arms on the inside? They have better clearance in this location but I have only seen one picture where it was installed this way.
  20. Hopper

    Front track bar question

    is this sqooshed in enough?