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  1. grr

    Upper rear spring bucket relocation?

    So I installed a Savvy GTS a couple of years ago. I didn’t have a BL at the time so I had to use the upper set of holes which causes it to hang lower losing a little ground clearance. I have since added a 1.25” BL so now I want to raise the skid up. Since I have to drop the tank anyway I was...
  2. grr

    Broken piston skirt, now what

    Well started tracking down a knocking noise the other day in my 00 4.0. 150k miles on it and thought it might be the timing chain. Took cover off and chain had lots of slack so I thought I found the noise. But I also knew from reading the forums it could be a piston slap so since I also had a...
  3. grr

    Random hard start,randomly dies & code p0340

    I have a 00 TJ w/4.0l manual. 148k miles dd. Few weeks ago it didn't want to start and threw a p0340 code. After a couple starts code cleared. Few days later it just randomly dies while accelerating. Did this again on way home and threw the p0340 code again. Again after couple of starts code...