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  1. Byhumba

    What questions will be asked in the Ford Bronco forum?

    How can I fit 40 in tires?
  2. Byhumba

    Half-Door Hinge Bolt Torque

    I bought a set of half doors and had them painted. I took them apart, including the hinges, to have a thorough paint coverage. I have searched (google, here, and the service manual) for the torque I need to apply to the six bolts that go on each hinge and cannot find the answer. Does anyone have...
  3. Byhumba

    Best Load Range Tire for Those that Don't Daily Drive

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before. If it has, please provide a link and we can delete this thread. I searched and all I can find is answers for those that do daily drive their Jeep, or the usual mud vs all terrain vs (others), brand X vs brand Y, etc. Sacrificing onroad comfort (for...
  4. Byhumba

    Solved - Manual transmission shifter / lever

    I just need the lever. If you have one laying around or know of someone that has an extra one in the San Diego, Orange County, or Riverside areas, please let me know. Thx
  5. Byhumba

    Poll: Most Desirable TJ in 10-20 Years

    I think it is safe to say that, after reading the comments in this thread, it is established that "classic" is reserved for a 20 year old vehicle while "antique" for a 25 year or older one. In a few words, the TJ will be a classic in the foreseeable future. Now desirable? That's a different and...
  6. Byhumba

    ORO or Kilby York Kit

    Hello all, I am now on my third Wrangler TJ (or fourth Jeep if you count the Libby:sneaky:). I want to do things the right way this time around as I plan on keeping my latest TJ forever (Don't we always say that?), 2003 Rubicon. I have used the portable air compressors as well as the on-board...