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    Coooooooold in Texas

    How are you southerners holding up down there. Monday sounds cold in the single digits. You won't get to much sympathy here since we won't get above 0.
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    SOLD Healtech V4 speedo calibrator

    In the fog of Christmas purchasing, I ended up ordering 2 of these. If anyone needs one, I'll sell it for cost ($130) with free shipping.
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    Jeep Compass Trailhawk

    I had to drive down to Texas this week for work. Apparently even with the COVIDs, people still like the electricity to stay on. The rental car place didn't have my normal Camry or Chevy, Hyundai, etc equivalent. They gave me a Jeep Compass Trailhawk for "no extra charge" and I drove it 13...
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    The local Jeep show

    I went to the local Jeep show and suddenly have an urge to spend money. This one belongs to my next door neighbor.
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    1973 M151a2 Jeep

    If anyone is looking for some history these old Jeeps are fun. They are low miles when the top speed is 50 mph. No seat belts and your seat is a piece of cloth covering a metal plate on top of your gas tank.
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    Yellow half doors

    Someone posted these yellow half doors on Facebook Marketplace. Located in Omaha.
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    2006 TJ Unlimited (LJ)

    Here's a black 2006 LJ with no mods and low miles (66,700). Hard and Soft top, automatic, set up to pull behind an RV. Located in central Iowa.
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    The competent vs actual install time thread

    Like everything, the more you do something the better and faster you get. Usually, about the time I get to the point I'm reasonably competent at something, I'm finished with it and have lost the skill the next time I need to use it. House wiring, bathroom tile, drywall, etc. In the car...
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    TJ rock crawler

    Here's your chance to pick up something to take to MOAB next year. I'm a little surprised he left the axles Dana 30/Dana 44 with all the other stuff done to it.
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    Hood hardware

    I need to replace hood to fender grommets (which I've found) and I'm missing one grommet under the hood to grill. I'd like to find 2 new but I don't know what to search for as a name. I keep finding the big ones on top. I found some scrap rubber pieces to use as wedges in the mean time. It may...
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    Pulling out a stuck LJ

    Even white LJs need some help sometimes.
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    Hard top or suspension

    Or both of course. I can potentially get an LJ hardtop, which are rare. For the same cost, I can get a ZJ steering update, adjustable track bars, new Rancho shocks, and new OME springs. Nebraska gets cold, but is it that cold to make it worth a hard top? The soft top is noisy above 60 mph or...
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    Speedometer not working after gear change

    I tried searching but it always comes up gear change. I changed the gear and now my speedometer stopped working right. My speedometer was off by 5 mph, so I changed it. Got perfect results, and now it's off 10-15 mph low and bouncing some. What could this be?
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    Do I really have a 19 gallon gas tank?

    My gas gauge got close to E the other day so I filled up. I was surprised when it stopped filling at 14.2 gallons. I've looked up my vin number using the links I found here and I supposedly have a 19 gallon tank. So now I don't know if someone replaced it at some time or it's just the sending...
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    Parasitic battery drain

    Last week the Jeep wouldn't start twice. I put the charger on for 5-10 mins and it would start up. I did a battery parasitic load check and got zero amps. I cleaned of some filthy corroded terminals covered in grease and tightened them down. The battery is 5 months old. The Jeep started fine...
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    Manik Grille guard

    Has anyone put on a Manik Grille Guard or similar on the front of their Jeep. There's a local one cheap here and I thought of trying it out to see what it looks like. Online photos and people running them are rare. I was thinking of setting up the front to look like this, but take out the...
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    New from Nebraska

    I just picked up a 2006 TJ Unlimited, 6spd manual, and had to start looking around for the best parts to add. :unsure: :) So I've been taking a look at people's opinion's and installations here at this forum. I previously owned a 1998 ZJ for around 10 years then got out of Jeeps so I could...