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  1. wigsajumper

    P1391 Code & Low Power

    A few weeks ago on the way to work the CEL came on. Pulled the Code and it was p1391. Was having significant power loss on the way home. Jeep was struggling to climb hills. I ordered both MOPAR sensors and replaced both. The code cleared while I was working on the vehicle because the I...
  2. wigsajumper

    WTB: TJ Unlimited (LJ) Frame

    Looking for an LJ Frame in the Northeast area.
  3. wigsajumper

    Rear Popping / Groaning From Rear

    Recently there has been a groaning/creaking noise coming from the rear axle area. Occasionally there will be a popping when it has been sitting for a few days when first moving. Had it looked at by the local Jeep dealership when it was in for Oil Change and tire rotation. They couldn't find...
  4. wigsajumper

    SOLD Early TJ sun visors (khaki) - FREE, just pay shipping

    Have a set of Khaki/Spice(?) sun visors for the earlier TJ models. Got them a few years ago before I knew there was a difference between the 04-06 and the earlier models. They are a bit grubby could use a good scrub down If you need them let me know. Just pay the shipping.
  5. wigsajumper

    SOLD LJ Hardtop - $1300 (Western Maine)

    Selling the hardtop from my '04 TJU (LJ). It is in good condition no cracks or repairs done to it. Tinted glass, wipers and spray worked when I took it off the jeep last spring. When I purchased the jeep the defroster tabs had come off from the glass and I never got around to fixing them...
  6. wigsajumper

    CJ vs Tree

    During our fall Northeastern a tree on my property decided to make itself comfortable on my old CJ7. Wife is a little upset. She helped me buy it when I was deployed and we were just dating. She test drove it, took it to a mechanic, sent me tons of images. It had been sitting for about 9...
  7. wigsajumper

    Half Door Upper Skins (Black)

    Looking for black half door upper skins. I have a set of OEM half door uppers in Khaki with Frames I will swap for a set of the same but in black if you are in area.
  8. wigsajumper

    wigsajumper's 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    After the VW TDI buyback I wanted a vehicle that would never fail time get me up my driveway in the winter. After two winter's she hasn't failed me yet. Pretty much stock except for 31" KO2s and a Dirtworx rear bumper. I plan eventually to add a 2" lift, winch, and Morryde (Sp?) Tire carrier...