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  1. jerryjeeps

    Whining sound

    Hi. Have whining sound. Whining at idle in neutral with clutch in or out. Whines in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, stops in 4th & 5th. ( stick5 speed). Thinking throw out bering??? Higher rpm higher whine. Help , thx . Jer.
  2. jerryjeeps

    Is there a way to fix this rust?

    Just bought 2003 tj. After a good power wash found more rust than I thought I had. Soft spots on bucket where bucket meets the frame. Frame looks like it has been replaced at some time looks solid. Don't want to replace bucket. Is there a fix other than replacement ????
  3. jerryjeeps

    Newer member

    2003, 4cyl, stick. 106,000 miles. Needs some work on rust has more than I would like ???? Under mostly.
  4. jerryjeeps

    Rust chips coming from under dash

    Hi. Have ruist chips falling from under dash. any one know it might be from ? 2003 tj 4 cyl stick. thx , Jer.
  5. jerryjeeps

    New guy

    Hi, Just bought a 03 TJ . 4 cyl stick. Looks like I,m pulling the carpet from what I read here. Thx, Jer.