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  1. Stuckless

    Would anybody south of the border be interested in buying a Canadian LJ Rubicon?

    i wouldn't say its a myth. me being for Newfoundland myself ( please don't make fun lol), the salt on the road plus the dense salty ocean air deff takes a toll on your vehicle no matter how hard you try to stop it. get a rock chip in the paint and 3 months later is blistered..
  2. Stuckless

    Vibration in the rear after axle swap

    yes there is.. i can't put my yeti or a bottle of water in my front cup holder and shift to second (manual trans).. its annoying! its coming out verrrry soon!
  3. Stuckless

    Artec Industries 1-ton axle swap: Who has done it?

    Thanks, Artec really makes is deceiving tho.. Copy and Pasted from there kit description: TJ 1 TON - Superduty Front 60 Swap Kit All the brackets necessary for the Super Duty front 60 ('99-'04 or '05+) axle swap into a Jeep TJ Wrangler ('97-'06), LJ Wrangler ('03-'06), XJ Cherokee ('84-'01)...
  4. Stuckless

    Artec Industries 1-ton axle swap: Who has done it?

    Thanks! Just reading the descriptions on the artec truss kit makes it seem so simple.. " lower controls brackets may need modifications" & " you will need to purchase a new track bar as factory length is to long"... but you ask if i could justify it? absolutely would love to run a larger tire. I...
  5. Stuckless

    Artec Industries 1-ton axle swap: Who has done it?

    So to make a long story short, I have been present the opportunity of a set of freebie 1 tons from a 2012 ford F-350. Dana 60 front and sterling 10.5 in the rear, Been looking for swap kits and truss but the only thing i can seem to find are from Artec Industries. Anybody use these kits? Anybody...
  6. Stuckless

    Let See your Tire Carrier Builds

    I figured the stock bumper would be to week. I haven’t really looked at it yet. I wanted to remove the bumper and see if I can brace it better but you are right to built your own dumper doesn’t seem like a big task. Thanks maybe I’ll look into building a bumper too!
  7. Stuckless

    Let See your Tire Carrier Builds

    So im in need of a new project and my TJ also needs a tire carrier. So I figured id put two together and build one :oops: That being said i would like to see what you guys have come up with? My plan is to use the stock bumper and figure out a way that i could make it stronger to handle a swing...
  8. Stuckless

    Is my HVAC fan bad or the fan switch?

    I agree with that as well. But some motors have a rubber air vent that feeds back to the brushes to help cool them. You take that off and look at the brushes and the armature you can see the armature is carbon tracked which is cause by bad brush contact. Contacts always get hung up in Their...
  9. Stuckless

    Brake pedal goes to the floor when engine is on

    That’s the EVAP canister and the line you pulled off is prob the purge line going into the manifold. What you hear is a vacuum leak. That line needs to plug into your manifold. As for the brakes sounds like you just need them bleed..
  10. Stuckless

    99 TJ brake lights always on bright when lights on

    I’ve seen this before with the bulb sockets getting Wet and corroded resulting in the lights doing whatever they feel like lol. Tj taillights are horrible I cannot keep water and moisture out of mine.
  11. Stuckless

    Is my HVAC fan bad or the fan switch?

    agreed. The motor brushes become worn down and contact becomes weaker resulting in higher amperage draw. Higher amperage draw burns up the resistor. I turn wrench’s for a living and see it a lot. I always call a motor and resistor.
  12. Stuckless

    Is my HVAC fan bad or the fan switch?

    The re The red slider is just an assurance device. Once you Pull it back you still need to push the release tab to disconnect. With a blown resistor you may have melted the connector also making it hard to come apart. If the connector is melted then replace the blower motor as well. Along with...
  13. Stuckless

    Hard shifting problem with NV3550 manual transmission

    Awesome I’m sold. I’ll be changing real soon. I have the same problems with reverse. See if this fixes it
  14. Stuckless

    Wrangler TJ storage project

    That’s so neat! And can be used for so much more. I find storage for recovery gear and other things in my tj a big problem. I have kids so I need my back seat as well. I think if you put some shocks on it like the rear lift gate would be a cool feature as well. Well made and looks solid (y)
  15. Stuckless

    Hard shifting problem with NV3550 manual transmission

    So my NV3550 has that awful “trans full of marbles” sound that annoys me. Will a higher quality fluid also quite it down?
  16. Stuckless

    Big fan of making your own tools

    I just use a big pipe wrench. But as for making tools i do it all the time. I turn wrench for a living and work on all makes and models so if I could make it I will. I’ll snap a picture of my toolbox draws tomorrow if I remember. It will amaze you lol
  17. Stuckless

    Recommendations for mud flaps (front and rear)?

    True. I don’t ever recall a tj with standard mud flaps although I see a lot of guys using rocktamer flaps that mount the hitch receiver. Their intended purpose are for towing trailers but I never see them towing lol. Maybe it’s a ghost trailer🤔🤪
  18. Stuckless

    I had a crooked drivers side tail light for over 11 years

    I feel the same way. There’s areas of my tj that if something is wrong then I need to fix right away.. other things I just wave off and say “I’ll fix that later” 3 years now I hardtop has been leaking when it rains around the back glass and I still haven’t fixed it lol 😕
  19. Stuckless

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Funny story actually. I was surfing amazon one day looking at winches. I didn’t noticed but I accidentally clicked the “buy now” button. Fast forward a few days and I come home to this on the door step lol.. 12,000lbs wireless with synthetic rope. I said what the heck and threw it on. I was in...
  20. Stuckless

    Should I get sway bar disconnects?

    I made my own from the stock links. Just took the nut off the bolt drilled a hole in the bolt installed a big washer and a hitch pin. Works perfect been that while for a while now. I’ll take a picture when I get a chance.