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    What should I do to make it more agile and fun for daily driver

    Everyone, I have this six speed manual transmission TJ Rubicon and I am trying to figure out what should I do make it more agile/peppy and fun to drive around city and see me freeway as in daily driver. For some reason I am finding it's not up to the task and I am not sure what is wrong. Whether...
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    Where is conventional oil 10W-30 at stores?

    Been looking at many auto parts stores and walmart. I couldn't locate even one brand of 10w-30 conventional oil. Tried to look online and few I could see have them but at prices $26 almost above any tip brand synthetic oil $24. So given the current situation and the way businesses have stopped...
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    How can I fix this exhaust leak?

    Everyone, I was able to troubleshoot and isolate the exhaust leak in my Jeep using the blower and soap water spray. It's coming at some joint near the sensor under engine bay. Please see the attached pictures and video. I have tried to tighten some nuts but was not able to completely reach the...
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    Is it a good wheel and tire size for daily driver?

    I have 33x12.5 on 15 inch Pro-comp wheels (not sure aluminum or steel). With rubicon stock gear ratio 4.10. I am wondering if I get it back to stock tire and wheel specs and it would give it a boost in pickup and freeway performance. I am not trying to win some drag race but I wanted to know if...
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    California Wild flowers and easy / moderate trail for beginners in SoCal

    Hey guys do you have any recommendations to explore wildflower trails in South California. I wanted to go on easy/moderate trail to begin with.
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    Minor Oil leak under oil pan belly - option?

    Everyone, I have minor oil leak under the belly bottom end of oil pan. The valve cover and rear main seal are all good. Does it have to go through a gasket replacement or do you think an oil change swap could help fix the leak? I am not sure about the viscosity or the grade of previous oil...
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    WTB: Jeep wrangler rubicon tj/lj location CA

    Looking for a jeep wrangler TJ/LJ rubicon in CA. Let me know if someone is up for a deal.
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    What is good price range for a 2006 Jeep Wrangler with 90k miles?

    So after getting rid of my rusty mater, I am back looking around for listings. I am looking for last model year of TJ and LJ if someone sell at reasonable price. Wanted to know what should be good purchase price for a rubicon 2006 90k mile manual transmission with some after market stuff like...
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    Rear pinion angle and housing angle issue: what are my options?

    Everyone, I had taken jeep to a shop and he had quoted me $750 for clutch kit change and I was not convinced as I found it fine. So, I took my Jeep to transmission specialist who drove it and gave me honest opinion that there seem to be nothing wrong with transmission or clutch. He looked under...
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    Should I buy a Cardone remanufactured power steering box or look at salvage parts?

    I am in need to take care of leaky power steering box. Cardone 27-7560 Remanufactured Power Steering Gear seems to be cheapest other than the used or part out from salvaged Jeep are being sold on eBay for $80. Any recommendations? Jeep wrangler 1998.
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    Need opinion on whether I should keep or let it go

    Hey guys so I have a 1998 4.0l manual transmission with 153k miles on it. I purchased this few months back in a rush and due to covid and in order to keep distance and less talking I didn't do my due diligence with inspection. There are some issues with the Jeep that are concerning me. - It has...
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    Help me identify this sound/vibration issue

    Hi guys, I've had recently upgraded the rear driveshaft u-joints which we found had some foul play and it about 50% of weird noises that were coming while driving at speeds above 20mph. I'm still observing somewhat similar noise pattern at speeds above 50mph. I've inspected the front driveshaft...
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    What is this hose used for?

    While I was trying to peek under to see the source of my messy power steering fluid leak. I noticed this hose was dangling and I pulled it out. It's other ends seems to be connected to front drive line black cover. Not sure what is the purpose of it and where should I hang it securely? Also, is...
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    Any fellow TJ owners from Inland Empire/Riverside/Loma Linda for live troubleshooting

    Hi fellow TJ owners I am new to TJ. Have already asked some questions and also got some great suggestions. Was able to resolve some noise by replace n u-joint with friends help. But we're still looking into too many issues on leak from power steering, transfer case and some annoying noises at...
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    Is the Jeep Wrangler TJ Mars ready?

    Watching preserverance landing video made me ask if Jeep Wrangler TJ could run wild there?🤔
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    Has anyone had success with Blue Devil rear main seal stop leak?

    Hi I am new to Jeep TJ and I am looking at leak from power steering near pitman arm lug nut and also in the rear main seal. I was going through some articles and saw some mention of Blue Devil products. So, I wanted to ask TJ owners of they have had any success with the usage of these additives...
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    Noise, shaking, and mild vibrations at speeds above 40 mph

    Hi, I recently purchased a Jeep Wrangler TJ 6cyl 1998 with 160k miles on it. Some percentage of miles were from being towed with RV by the previous owner. I'm new to Jeep TJ and while purchasing I did not take it too fast to be able to realize the issues related to noise, shaking and vibrations...