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  1. cliffish

    Who in here likes to fish?

    OK as suggested by @lowranger and @Tj Starting I am starting a fishing thread...I will start: First one is a Striped bass caught off Montauk Point, NY, the second is a King salmon on Lake Ontario, off Rochester, NY and the last is a 30" albino channel cat in my pond. Really have to hold my...
  2. cliffish

    At least Walmart is getting better prepared

    I saw this outside a local least now they are saving a parking spot for law enforcement for the inevitable shooting that will occur.
  3. cliffish

    Chris I found your next TJ

    Angry bird grill - Check Snorkel- Check Bug shield- Check Multiple light bars- Check High lift jack- Check Cheap Chinese LED bumper- Check Blacked out turn signals- Check Pocket flares- Check I am sure a Badlands Winch- Check Louvered hood- Check Bead locks- Check Tubed side steps- Check A New...
  4. cliffish

    Mouse Rat Squirrel Nest?

    This is my 2014 Explorer that my daughter drives most days of the week. Pop the hood to just check things out and I find this? almost 3 feet across, they ate the hood insulation the battery handle, hard plastic cowl cover and the lid of the fuse box. They even chewed through 2 fuses and a relay!
  5. cliffish

    Anyone use a water softener system when they wash their cars?

    Washed the wife's car (black) and my car (dark blue) and the water drops left almost a cement like marks when dried. I did use a blower to try and remove most of the water but still some was left. I had to pull the buffer out and lite polish to remove it. I like to wash my own cars as car...
  6. cliffish

    How much vertical movement in a ball joint is too much

    I am using a pipe under the tire lifting up to see if the ball joint is bad, how much up/down movement is too much? the DS moves a little bit enough to hear it click. I can try and post up a video unless the answer is no movement is acceptable. Also would you do both sides at the same time?
  7. cliffish

    Stuck lower control arm bolt

    I am trying to replace original control arms with crown replacements. starting with the lower front. PS lower the upper bolt removed fine but the lower bolt on the axle will not budge, I have the nut and washer off but can not get the bolt removed. I have kroiled it, pounded it until it is...
  8. cliffish

    Stock airbox airbox on CL cheap

    saw this locally anyone need?
  9. cliffish

    Soft upper sliders

    anyone have soft uppers with the sliders? Are they that much better than just the soft windows?
  10. cliffish

    Playing around with the vinyl cutter

    So after seeing @Chris post up a layout on the "would you put a Rubicon Sticker on a non Rubi" Thread I had him send me the file so I could cut it out on my vinyl cutter. Since I have impact orange I thought a silver carbon fiber vinyl would look cool....I will post pics when installed.
  11. cliffish

    Angry grill YJ... must be a JK wanna bee

    I thought the YJ was excused from the JK stuff!
  12. cliffish

    Half doors: Would you buy these?

    There is a set of half doors locally with like new uppers listed for $500. I already have half doors but these uppers look much better than mine. Thinking if I grab them for $3-400 I could flip the doors in the spring and my uppers (OK but not perfect) and make a little while upgrading my...
  13. cliffish

    Well this is going to suck

    I have had some shoulder movement pain from running some baseball practices with my sons teams going back 9 years ago. In the ensuing years I have played Dek hockey 3 seasons a year, usual yard work and wrenching on the cars. In the last couple months it has gotten worse, keeping me up at...
  14. cliffish

    Need New Oil Pan... Recommendations on Brands?

    I can see rust bubbling on my oil pan for my 2005 X, 4.0, Auto, already had rust through on my Tranny pan. So 2 questions: 1) is there a preferred brand? 2) I see that they are available with and with out an oil sensor hole?
  15. cliffish

    New York's contribution to the demise of youth education!

    OK so a school district on Long Island, just east of NYC decided to eliminate homework for elementary school children.....instead they should wonder, read, play! I kid you not...
  16. cliffish

    New valve cover... still leaking

    Replaced the valve cover gasket with a felpro and it is still leaking. I did not have a torque wrench in in-lbs so I just did t manually....probably over tightened them. Also is there supposed to be a torque limiting washer on all the bolts? the rear most on the passenger side where the...
  17. cliffish

    Is it me or is Prince Charles looking like Alfred E. Neuman

    Coming to Mad magazine near you!
  18. cliffish

    Threw CEL code P0172: need code reader

    Threw CEL code today - 0172...too rich? Anyone deal with this...I don't want to just throw o2 sensors at it if there is a real problem going on. Jeep runs fine. Also what is the recommended code reader that will run real time and clear the code instead of just disconnecting the battery.
  19. cliffish

    Let's go back to 1977...err OK, maybe NOT!!!

    They really made and sold this stuff back then, don't let the kids now see this or us older folk wil never live it down, It is a little long but with the descriptions it is very funny...and sad too! A JC Penney catalog from 1977. It's not often blog fodder just falls in my lap, but holy...
  20. cliffish

    4 door TJ