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  1. Modoc Guy

    Awesome pic

    I remember that car, was one of my favorites! I even had a Revell model of it. Nice to know it’s still around.
  2. Modoc Guy

    The unfortunate JKU & JLU of the day thread

    Does that mean it sucks, or blows?
  3. Modoc Guy

    Joining the forum from Germany

    Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on the addition to your stable! I’m sure there’s a ton of really cool places to wheel in Germany and the surrounding areas. 😸
  4. Modoc Guy

    New here in NC

    Welcome to the forum, and the Jeep family! Looks clean and very stock, which is a good thing. Have fun with your new toy!
  5. Modoc Guy

    Piss & Moan Table

    Well, who knows, maybe he grew a funny bone. Or maybe he’s proud of the fact he looks like a bum. It’s kinda like I’ve always said, I fix machinery because you can’t fix people!
  6. Modoc Guy

    Prince Philip's Hearse

    I’ll take the middle one. That’s going out in style. 😸
  7. Modoc Guy

    Which Warn winch is this? Is it worth it?

    If you can see it run, and it’s not crunching and making terrible noises, I’d take a chance on it. Especially if it’s under $300. Keep in mind that it’s gear reduction will have some noise to it, but no crunching or difficulty changing gears. And as long as that steel cable is good, run it...
  8. Modoc Guy

    Banks AutoMind

    I’d contact Banks and get a manual and details on how it will effect your ECM. I wouldn’t risk my ECM just poking around with it.
  9. Modoc Guy

    Wise word of the day!

    Well, back in the day there was: A friend with weed is a friend indeed!
  10. Modoc Guy

    Shots fired!

    Man, those are some tires!
  11. Modoc Guy

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    Hmmmm, for the tranny going for that "authentic" look? :unsure:
  12. Modoc Guy

    Co2 vs nitrogen ?

    Could be a cost thing. I know both are readily available. Personally, I use air. Cheap, and easy to come by. ;)
  13. Modoc Guy

    Shots fired!

    X2 on the fender flares! I've never seen any that wide. And they just cover the tire width! Wider axles? Wide tires? Wheel spacers? All three? :unsure:
  14. Modoc Guy

    Indy's 5.3 TJ

    Winch looks fine, it's the bumper. Looks like it needs a band aid. ;)
  15. Modoc Guy

    Hello from Traverse City, MI

    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you've been busy! From your description, you're gonna have most all your issues sorted for summer. Good luck, and have fun wheelin that pup!
  16. Modoc Guy

    Indy's 5.3 TJ

    That's a pretty sturdy looking unit! Looks good. 😸 Was that dent pre-installed, or did you add it yourself?
  17. Modoc Guy

    Piss & Moan Table

    Once you get it fixed, throw a dryer sheet in there to keep the mice out, they don't like the smell. You'll have to change it every once in a while as they loose their smell. just place it carefully as not to cross any contacts. you don't want to make problems, only solve them. I put dryer...
  18. Modoc Guy

    Piss & Moan Table

    Good lord, you’ve had more than your share of stupid people. That’s why I avoid people as much as possible, I don’t suffer fools well.
  19. Modoc Guy

    Team Stay at Home (Hero)

    Man, I’m in on this team. I wanna wheel there, but without lockers and gears I’d be unhappy with the limitations. But I like the live drone and pickle action, I want in on that!
  20. Modoc Guy

    New guy from Washington

    Welcome to the forum! Pictures of current and past Jeeps are welcome. Especially really cool ones! 😸