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  1. BenVillegas

    Jeep Wrangler TJ Sahara project ideas

    Hey guys ! I’m new to this forum and recently got my 97’ Sahara a couple months back, the condition is incredible ! It was garage kept, and I’m not sure whether to keep it stock and restore it, or start with some mods. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks !
  2. T

    Fab Fours ViCowl Light Bar Inserts

    I'm interested in buying a Fab Fours ViCowl Light Bar, the one that looks like a sun shade and completely surrounds the windshield. It makes the Jeep look like an armored car. I have a 1997 TJ but I can't seem to find one for my year. Does anyone have one on a TJ from a close year? Or does...
  3. NeneLew

    Advice on best full doors for my 1997 Wrangler

    Hi, all. I want to purchase full doors for my 1997 Wrangler TJ SE, Flame Red. What would you recommend? Thanks so much!
  4. Creakydoor

    Evolution of a ‘97 TJ Sport

    Chapter 1 - The Early Years My TJ build story started decades ago, and very much continues through today... Growing up, I had always wanted a Jeep, but the stars never aligned for me to get one. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I got my first one when I had the means (i.e. $$$) and the...
  5. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye's 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport

    Heres my Jeep As soon as I bought it I replaced the radiator, water pump, fan clutch, thermostat, and hoses. I then replaced the front and rear swaybar bushings, balljoints, front axle shaft u-joints, rotors, and hub assemblies. I also started grinding off what rust I could while...
  6. Chasitek

    '97 TJ named Rooster... it's a girl!

    I'm new to this forum but have used it for about a year. I'm a freshman in college so funds are low but whatever isn't used on food and school is used on my jeep. Her name is Rooster because when I got her she didn't have a working horn which turned out being the relay. I bought a relay, she...
  7. Jordan K.

    Debris coming through cowl vent

    I picked up a 1997 last year and I’m slowly making it better and better. One thing that drives me nuts is how much debris flys out of the vents into my face. Now if I had a slightly newer jeep, there are plenty of vent covers that I could install. Because it’s a 1997, it has the three sets of...
  8. J

    Canadian wiring harness??

    Ok guys, I’ve got one for you. I’ve had my 97 TJ for a couple of years now. Recently the MIL came on and showed a P0138 and a P0141 for downstream o2 sensor heater circuit. I said ok, I bought an o2 sensor online (not Bosch) and installed it. Code went away for about a day and then came back...
  9. Jakob McElhaney

    1997 TJ wrangler check engine light

    I am new to this jeep forum and I am seeking help. I own a 1997 TJ wrangler Sport. Inline 6 with an auto trans. I recently had tube fenders installed along with a 20" light bar. When I went to pick up my jeep after everything was all said and done, it would not start. Turn the key over, none of...
  10. Matthew Cherry

    Hey everyone. New to the TJ

    I just picked up a 97 TJ and I love it. I used to drive a 76 CJ5 with 6.5" lift and 38's, but always wanted a TJ. I currently have the dash disassembled to refinish the plastic. I added a cool video to my youtube on how I got the faded color back. Im excited to learn from all of you. Lots of...
  11. B

    Serpentine belt part #

    Hey everyone this is my first post on the forum so let me know if I've put it in the wrong section. I'm after the part # for the belt in the picture. I just ordered a belt but it's the more common one. I can only find pictures of the routing but no part #
  12. mouth

    1997 "beater bomb"

    Here's my 1997 Sahara. Currently doing a full width axle swap. Was 8.8 swapped with a ected locker when bought in march. Wheeled it at smorr once and then it's been a part several times since. My axles are a hp44 /9" from a 1977 ford f150. Geared to 4.88 , 44 has moly shafts and high...