2004 rubicon

  1. inkedrose

    Chinaman Gulch Jan 8th

    Ran Chinaman Gulch for first time this weekend with a little snow and ice on the trail to really make it interesting.
  2. inkedrose

    Air compressor quick connect

    Sorry, I know there's got to be a thread already in here but I've been searching and can't find the info I need. I have an onboard compressor, looking to put a quick connect for airing up on front bumper. What kind of hose do I need for the extension? I know there's a concern about heat so not...
  3. inkedrose

    Spring Creek 7/3/22

    I'm still a noob working my way up. Ran Spring Creek for the first time last weekend. Way more technical than anything else I've been on, so much fun! Few spots got the heart going for sure
  4. inkedrose

    Upper control arm bolt/long arm

    My upper driver side control arm bolt pulled out. Jacked it up from skid plate and bolt seemed to be moving further into place as it articulated but not comfortable being under it that high with no support. Was going to disconnect the front to get the rear in but it seems like I'll have same...
  5. inkedrose

    Play in RockLock

    My Jeep has a rock lock that was on it when I bought it. When it’s disengaged (free to articulate) it’s hitting the head of my steering armor bolt. Is it supposed to have that much play? When it’s locked there is no wiggle side to side. Can it be tightened up somehow? If not, would removing the...
  6. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    Searched posts, everything I found was a few years old. I know several people said they had purchased these BedTred but it all seemed like all new purchases. How's longevity? Do they hold up? I have to run top on 1/2 the year. Between snow, mud and two dogs my jeep smells rancid. Any downside on...
  7. inkedrose

    Upgraded my rig!

    Bought the little yellow Jeep a year or so ago, wasn't sure how much I'd use it. Ended up hitting over 40 different trails here in Co this summer. Plan was to keep building the Bee but then I stumbled onto this Blue Rubicon. 2004 Rubi, 35k miles, 5.5" long arm, reageared, 35's, still has new car...
  8. mvigo

    Mvigo's '04 Rubicon

    It was mentioned to me that I ought to look at Midnight LJR's build on this forum. Which I did. Amazing job and detail on that one! I looked around a little further, read about Chris's genesis of starting the Wrangler Jeep TJ Forum, was impressed with what he had to say and have enjoyed reading...