1. DeltaNu1142

    2005 LJR Flame Red

    OK, my TJ journey started today. It's been a long day, so this will be pretty short. I may or may not get into it some other time, but I started the buying process of this Jeep in October of last year. I picked it up today with 147,502 miles. It's a 2005 LJ Rubicon 6spd... a rare rust-free...
  2. Droosk05LJ

    05-06 TJ/LJ 42RLE HP Tuners modified shift schedule

    As a person who has lived with this crap stock schedule 12+ years, finally finding a way to change it and have that change be everything I hoped for is one of the more cathartic releases I've had in quite some time. I am not a tuner so I have no other solutions for any other engine things. Do...
  3. 464of1000

    Photos of updates and repairs to 2005 TJ Unlimited Rubicon Sahara edition

    New Bilstein shocks, sway bars and brake lines. New Fan clutch and water pump installed. Top off, prepped for Herculiner on the floor, PJC Light Khaki Metallic paint to cover it, matching paint on the Role Cage. Am I doing this? NO! I have "a guy". A really good guy.
  4. 464of1000

    Center console replacement for stick shift on 2005 Rubicon Sahara

    I am looking for recommendations from anyone who has a 2005 TJ Unlimited with a stick. I want to replace the console, looking at Tuffy, I don't need the place for the speaker, as I want storage instead. Also, If anyone on this post is interested in getting my old console. It's beat up, but not...
  5. Offroadtrouble

    Best brakes for 2005 TJ stock

    Hi! I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It is stock I believe. It needs new brakes. Rotors,calipers, pads… the works. Is there some better than others? What should I get? My current set up leaves heavy brake dust on the wheels. Not sure if there is something that can curb that. It is my daily...
  6. zoevarga

    What should I do with my broken 2005 TJ?

    Hi all, less than a month ago the frame on my 2005 tj finally cracked. I know by now that my best option is probably a different car but I don't know what the best way to profit off of my tj is. Replacing the frame is also an option however, the whole frame needs to go, it's rusted all over, and...
  7. Classic>New

    SOLD 2005 Jeep LJR with a Full Off-road Kit! (Automatic)

    I am putting up my 2005 Jeep LJR for sale in the San Diego and Riverside county areas. The vehicle is registered in Nevada and had a smog check done on 11/30/22. It is in excellent condition for it's age with roughly 48,000 miles on it. It has only been taken off-road a couple of times but never...
  8. invmgmt

    Air blowing at feet even when the face setting is selected

    So...maybe I just noticed it, but when I have the fan control switch at the "panel" location, I am noticing air also from the floor vents. When I read the owners manual, it says that there will be some airflow from the window vent (defogger), but no mention of the floor vent. Any ideas? Is...
  9. omegatx

    Aftermarket cruise control question

    I own a 2005 TJ Rocky Mountain Edition and want to install an aftermarket cruise control. Since CC was not installed at the factory, I am assuming the kit would contain a control that would not be attached to the steering column? Are there any folks here who might have installed CC on a 2005 era...
  10. EventHorizon

    5 year TJ owner, new to the forum

  11. srv1054

    What kind of mileage are you getting out of your 42RLE?

    I'm curious to as to what kind of miles everyone expects or seems to be getting out of their 42RLE Auto transmission's before having to do a rebuild/reman/replacement of them? I'm not the first owner of our 05 TJ but the previous owner did not list any transmission rebuild or overhauls just...
  12. Johnnyswell

    Pennsylvania GOBI roof rack for LJ

    Hey all, I'm selling my GOBI safari roof rack from my LJ. I bought it about 2 years ago. Never really used it a whole lot. I have all the hardware and install instructions for it. I'm asking $1000 (it does have a little bit of damage as I scraped the top of it under a parking garage but nothing...
  13. D

    After battery replacement issues

    2005 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 3.7liter I bought about a week ago, and first thing I did on payday was replace the battery. I let advanced auto do it as I didn't wanna haggle trying to find miss match tools and shit. But anyway I noticed as I was driving back to work that the rpms were through the...
  14. NeedJeepHelp

    Starter clicks rapidly but engine doesn't turn over

    Hello y’all, First time posting to the forum, wish it was in better circumstances. I just replaced our ‘98 TJ with an ‘05 TJ with half the miles and have had problems ever since. I brought it back to the reseller dealership and they fixed a number of problems related to the o2 sensors. Brought...
  15. r2001_p2016

    '05 PCM Computer Conversion Possible?

    Hello! Newbie...I'm sorry if this has been discussed already...I searched for it, promise! I am struggling with my '05's computer. My Jeep is not my daily driver. For a couple of months, my Jeep seemed to be slipping out of gear, but it was so intermittent, and again, not my daily driver, I...
  16. raphaelchicago

    P0016 (cam / crank correlation) and P0344 (camshaft postion sensor intermittent)

    I have a 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition with a 4.0L & 6spd. I've been getting P0016 and p0344. I changed the camshaft sensor twice now I had trouble initially getting a mopar sensor but i have a new mopar one in there now and still getting the codes. The p0344 only activates if its cool outside or...
  17. Zman70

    New Jersey 2005 LJ up for sale

    Looking to sell my first jeep rig. Opted, recently to get a JK, and need to part with original. Well cared for, relatively stock. New front suspension Transmission and dana 44 recently serviced New tires, upsized on 2015 rims. Cold air intake (KnN) XRC bumpers (front and rear) Upgraded sound...
  18. C

    Wrangler LJ Hardtop For Sale

    Have a hardtop for a 2004 to 2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ Unlimited, black, has defroster and wiper. Minor damage on the rear lips either side of the litigate glass. Always stored indoors, was only on our LJ 2 winters, we like the soft top year round. West of Chicago, south of Rockford. Attaching...
  19. W

    Looking for a 2005-2006 TJ LJ Engine Computer?

    I've posted before, but if anyone is looking for a 2005 2006 wrangler engine computer, please let me know! The price recently dropped from 999.99 to 824.99 Includes: Module Programming Lifetime Warranty Free Shipping within the US No Core Exchange **All units tested on a 2006 TJ prior to...
  20. W

    Anyone looking for a 2005-2006 Jeep Wrangler AT Engine Computer?

    Hey everyone, Anyone who is looking for or knows someone who is looking for a 05-06 TJ LJ engine computer? I offer them plug&play with a lifetime warranty. If you guys have any questions, please text me at 347 seven4one 78one6 . There will be no core exchange. This is NOT a return & repair service