1. Droosk05LJ

    05-06 TJ/LJ 42RLE HP Tuners modified shift schedule

    As a person who has lived with this crap stock schedule 12+ years, finally finding a way to change it and have that change be everything I hoped for is one of the more cathartic releases I've had in quite some time. I am not a tuner so I have no other solutions for any other engine things. Do...
  2. G

    Bad Manual PCM?

    I have an 06 4.0 manual that is bone stock (yes, original owner). When starting out, the Jeep has started to stall and even die (pretty embarrassing in traffic). When it dies, depressing the clutch will not save it, but it will fire right back up. After a couple months of very light driving, it...
  3. T

    06 manual shifter boot part number

    Have a manual 06 TJ and ran into the issue of the inner metal piece being broken (previous owner had it super glued half in place and it disintegrated). Wanted to replace my leather boot cover as it was torn, but was unable to track down the replacement metal piece online, and ran into the...
  4. dbaum

    Trouble finding a PCM replacement for my 2006 TJ

    Greetings from the Great White North. Has anyone out there had trouble finding an ECU or ECM replacement? I have a 2006 Wrangler TJ 6sp trans with the 4.0. The OEM replacement part is #5604 4967AC,AD Cardone number is 79-4466v Apparently this is the most rare part on the planet! I have...
  5. D

    2006 Jeep Wrangler 4cyl 2.4l air intake box

    Anyone have or have a source for an air intake box or just the lid? Not the buckles, but the back hinge lips broke off of mine, I am having trouble locating one. Mopar part number is 53013701AB. 06 Wrangler TJ 4cyl 2.4l Thank you
  6. CrazyAggie

    SOLD 2006 Jeep LJ w/ 39,171 miles

    2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ 39,171 miles Flame Red 6 Speed Transmission Looking to pass on my 2006 Jeep LJ to a new family to enjoy. When I started looking years ago, this was the cleanest Jeep available. Originally, I was going to heavily mod and off road, but couldn’t bring myself to...
  7. Wonder

    Need help confirming a theory to fix an issue with the premium audio (7 speaker) system in my 2006 TJ Rubicon

    I recently picked up a 2006 Rubicon and noticed that the front right speaker doesn't always work. Wiggling the center console makes it work again. Me thinks that either the 12 pin sub connector, the sub amp, or a wire near the center console is grounding out but before I pull the console I want...
  8. S

    LED Tail Light Wiring - 2006 TJ

    Can anyone help me with which wires go to which? Diagram and color coding attached.
  9. jbzhow

    SOLD 2006 Rubicon Unlimited LJ Hardtop Auto 40,000K miles For Sale in Atlanta GA

    Hello TJ forum members - I'm selling my 2006 LJ due to lack of use and the fact that while I have loved owning it for the past 4 years, the wife hates it. The other thing is that I don't use it like it wants to be used. It's happiest up in the N Ga mountains crawling around on stuff and flying...
  10. 2006_LJ

    New York Dash Bezel / Panel 03-06 TJ/LJ OEM (no:vents, switches, ashtray)

    For Sale, OEM dash bezel, just installed double din, no longer need this. $35 pickup locally and make an offer, Long Island, NY Not included: vents, switches, ashtray MISSING THE REAR CLIPS THAT HOLD this into the dash itself. You can re-use the ones from your existing panel (assuming you...
  11. Pullski

    California 2006 LJ Rubicon

    Hey y’all. I think I’m done fighting the gremlins on this as I currently don’t have the time to make it the way I would like it. Some of y’all have seen it on here “Mongo” (now it really lives up to its name) : 2006 LJ Rubicon with just over 100k on the clock (101000 but it will change as it’s...
  12. Wls1996

    2006 Supercharged Rubicon can’t force open loop

    Hoping someone can help me. I have a 2006 Rubicon with a BoostedTech Eaton M90. It uses a split second FTC-202 with a 7th injector. The issue I am having is that I can’t force it to go into open loop no matter what I do with the HP Tuner. Unless I am at 100% throttle, there is an insane delay...
  13. S

    2006 2.4L Engine Replacement Worthwhile

    Hi all, I'm doing some research on replacing the 2.4L in my TJ. I'm at the end of nearly a year and a half saga of my jeep cycling between drivable and not drivable. At first I was having overheating issues, then the engine started blowing oil out of who knows where that the mechanic couldn't...
  14. smjacobson

    Nevada One owner 2006 TJ Rubicon with 42k miles

    2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rubicon with Hard and Soft Tops 41,897 current mileage Deep Beryl Green Pearl Coat Paint Tru-Lok (Locking) differentials in both Heavy Duty Dana 44 front and rear axles Original MSRP Window Sticker Original Pristine 2006 brochure Indiana Title in hand This TJ Rubicon has...
  15. C

    2006 no crank, no start. Do all Jeeps go through this?

    Hey guys, recently went to start my jeep, and it wont start. It has full power though. All had been running fine until this point. First checked the ignition actuator, and it does not appear broken. Next bought a new battery, since it needed one anyway and it Still did not start. Bought brand...
  16. L.Ross

    Ross' 06 LJ Build

    Hey everyone, just getting started on the forum today and figured I’d start with my own build thread! Please keep in mind this is my first post on any kind of forum so if I neglect some forum etiquette or rules please let me know so I can fix it! Also, while being a student free time to wrench...
  17. prger

    Is this my rear main seal leaking?

    New here, trying to get some insight about this leak. It leaves a small puddle of oil every night. I was told it could be the RMS or oil pan gasket. Anyone have/seen a similar leak?
  18. zhartranft

    Maryland For sale: 2006 Wrangler LJ

    2006 wrangler unlimited with 69,000 miles. Hard top and soft top included. All stock 4.0 with a 6 speed manual. Pm with any questions.
  19. Johnnyswell

    Pennsylvania GOBI roof rack for LJ

    Hey all, I'm selling my GOBI safari roof rack from my LJ. I bought it about 2 years ago. Never really used it a whole lot. I have all the hardware and install instructions for it. I'm asking $1000 (it does have a little bit of damage as I scraped the top of it under a parking garage but nothing...
  20. Bane

    Swapping a 2006 4.0 into my 2003 4.0: What can I expect?

    I plan on swapping the 4.0 in my current 03 Wrangler for a 2006 4.0 and was wondering what to expect. Mainly, I've heard that the ECUs are not compatible. Some sites have said I'll need a full drivetrain swap, others have said a custom TCU. Hoping to get a definitive answer here. Thanks!