1. thebarrabuggy

    Error code P0743

    I’ve seen heaps of post around the place about a “TCC solenoid circuit” (P0743) error code however i can’t make heads or tails of how to check it or what to do next. i just installed a second hand 32RH transmission from a 1997 TJ into my 2002 TJ everything has gone smoothly except the external...
  2. L

    97-06 4.0 automatic wiring harness differences?

    Hey, I bought a 2002 tj 4.0 with 32rh automatic, the po replaced the transmission(I don't know if he used thr right year model, or if the year matters) but he said after that he couldnt get it to run and said it was not getting power to the fuel pump! He cut and hacked up the factory wiring...
  3. Klye

    32RH Leak at rear trans seal

    Hi all, '99 TJ Sport 4L 32RH 3 spd w/ deep pan Allegedly the previous owner had a shop rebuild the trans I've replaced the rear seal on my 32RH adapter housing with a Teraflex extended seal. I noticed that the wall where the seal sits is marred up from the previous "mechanic", I smoothed...
  4. GregBelleville

    Budget plan for regear and lockers for my Dana 30/Dana 35 - talk me out of it

    Hey all, so I've been getting quotes and facing reality on the costs involved to upgrade my diffs/axles on my 99 TJ. I've been doing a lot of research here and have arrived at the following plan for a "budget" front/rear axle upgrade. Before I get into the plan, here is what I'm working with. I...
  5. jarrett_jj

    32RH Torque Converter Lockup Solenoid

    Hello, after seeing several members tackle 32RH rebuilds I followed suit. 5w20 will work in a 32RH to get you home, ask me how I know. During the tear down I noticed my lockup solenoid is in bad order. PO or shop apparently melted the connector from the inside of the case to the through case...
  6. ltcarter

    32RH hesitation with RPM surge between 1st & 2nd

    I’m am experiencing a hesitation with RPM surge right after 2nd gear is engaged. The shift occurs at roughly 1500 RPM and seems smooth until the hesitation with 250ish RPM surge occurs. Additional Notes: -The shift into 3rd is perfectly smooth. -Fluid level is good (checked at operating temp...
  7. O

    32RH automatic transmission shifting problems

    Hey everyone, I have a 2002 Jeep TJ 4.0L that is shifting almost immediately from 2nd to 3rd gear. I attempted to adjust the shift points at the TV/Kickdown cable on the throttle body but this did not make much of a difference no matter how far I adjusted the cable to each side. The transmission...
  8. Carsten737

    Aftermarket parts for 32RH transmission?

    Hello all! I’ve since recently purchased an 02 wrangler with the amazing 4.0 and 32RH to replace my 2.5l ax5. The old jeep was fantastic but ive been blessed enough to get a new job that allows me to financially afford this new to me Jeep. I’m an aircraft mechanic and love working on my Jeep...
  9. That one guy

    42RE to 32RH transmission swap

    So at some point in my 02's life one of the owners swaped the 32rh out for a 42re. I called the shop that replaced the tranny for the PO and they confirmed in their buil sheet it was a 42. Well in typical fashion two days after bringing her home, the tranny starts to slip in 2nd (with a whopping...
  10. Jaxon B.

    Transmission may have just blown

    My brother left his Jeep with me so me and my dad could take it to get the trans oil filter replaced, so for him to commute around for the next couple of days I let him use mine. He calls us 20 or so minutes after he leaves and says that white smoke is coming from underneath the body and for us...
  11. K

    32RH transmission whine on 2001 TJ

    Hello, if anyone could please help me. I have a 2001 Jeep tj with a 32rh transmission and it will whine when it idles in park. Whenever it is shifted into gear the whine stops. If I shift back into park about 45 seconds later the whine comes back. thank you! Below is a video of the sound
  12. MoneyPit89

    32RH seems to have lost 3rd and reverse gears

    So like five years ago, when I bought my 97 TJ 4.0 and drove it home for the first time, I had to inform my husband the tranny felt like it was slipping. Fast forward couple years, keep in mind that we didn't drive it very much at all. Not till the rear end went out on the daily driven Ram. A...
  13. J

    WTB: 32RH Transmission

    Looking for a 32RH transmission in good condition. Might consider a parts transmission as well.
  14. Cayenne Crawler

    Need help with bent Dana 35

    Hello, I am new to the Jeep world having bought my first jeep in August last year. I love driving it and use it any chance i get being its not my daily driver. But like most i get the urge to mod and upgrade it. So, with that being said I have have wanted to change the gear ratio since i have...
  15. Mpagss

    32rh problems

    I have a 97 tj. Love the jeep rebuilt most of it since I’ve had. Anyway I have the 3 speed auto in it. It was old and worn when I bought the jeep and there after it was blown and then rebuilt. Got it back and everything was a little messed up but finally got it figured out. Fast forward a year...
  16. Mconder40

    Unique 32RH 4.0 Auto Transmission Issue on '01 Sahara

    2001 Sahara 82,000 miles, driven 2,000 miles a year since 2008, no upgrades. Do have larger P265/70 R16 Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar All-Terrains on stock rims with K&N air filter. 4 weeks back it was driven on low fluid because of leak... would shake once engaged in drive on first start of the...
  17. noahtatum

    Need help with 32RH swap into 1997 TJ with AX-15

    Hello Jeep Family! I have gotten into putting a 32rh in my 97 tj 6cyl. and i’m struggling getting it mounted. I had the ax-15 and i was under the impression it was a bolt on job after the clutch, flywheel, and pilot bearing were removed but i’m not sure if the new torque converter is getting...
  18. ThatJadeJeep_1997

    32RH soft line size

    Hello everyone, I have been a TJ owner for 6 years now and have used this forum countless times but this is my first time posting. I will be adding a hayden 526 trans cooler soon in series with my factory cooler. Does anyone know what the ID is of the short piece of soft line is that connects...
  19. Z

    Automatic transmission fine in reverse, but nothing in drive

    Hi Guys, Followed this forum for a while, but first post. Warning - long post ahead. A bit of history about my Jeep. I bought my 97 wrangler sahara 4.0 auto in November 2018. It was being sold after being parked for two years due to erratic shifting. While looking it over I discovered the TV...
  20. Jeeptj35s

    2000 Tj Sport 32rh transmission problems

    So this past Sunday I made an hour long hwy trip in the jeep....got it back home and parked it, at that point everything was fine...got in it to go to work that night and made it 5 miles down the road and the trans quit pulling all together, no reverse or drive. Got out checked the fluid and the...