4.0 build

  1. B

    Help with TPS

    Hey all, looking for some help with my build. I have a 99 TJ 4.0L with a turbo kit. I recently installed a microsquirt and everything is functioning except my throttle position sensor. It just sort of "cycles" through the values no matter what I do and doesn't recognize any input. Any help or...
  2. Lucas_cap1

    Jeep 4.0 Camshaft Suggestions

    So I’m new on here and I have a TJ with a 4.0 in it that I’m replacing with another 4.0 I got for cheap that I’m looking to build before I swap it out, I wanna put a beefy cam in it so I’m looking for recommendations? Not tryna spend a lot just want a cam that sounds good (choppy) with a little...
  3. 4.0 01 TJ

    4.0 build help

    Looking to build the piss out of a 2001 4.0 for my TJ. 4.6 stroker kit planned, and turbo. What is available for tuning? I just rebuilt an engine for it but the block was too far gone (scored cylinders) so I am getting a junkyard one (2000 year) and going to bore and stroke it for sure. 0331...