1. W

    Can’t seem to find a 03-06 lower steering shaft anywhere

    Hello All, I have a 2003 TJ X with the 4.0 in it. Im looking at getting a new lower steering shaft as i have a ton of play in my steering and i believe this is my issue. Im running 33x12.5 tires, i can find the 97-99 steering shafts but having an issue with ones that fit a 03. Any ideas?
  2. LennartfromAustria

    How to diagnose no fuel in the injector rail on a 97 TJ 4.0

    Hello, my Jeep sat for about 16 years with no attendance what so ever. Last week I bought a new battery, checked the spark plugs and the cabels. Spark plugs are recieving power so the problem is not the ignitionn system. I wanted to empty the tank but it was empty, I remember filling it up last...
  3. B

    Jeep Tj Starting Issue

    Hello everyone, I just bought a 1999 Jeep Sahara about a month ago. I've been fixing up some general issues on it, one problem that I haven't gotten around to is the fuel pump replacement to fix its long start issue. I say that because now I'm having even more problems with starting. If I try to...
  4. xbrandonw

    Is this lifter tick?

    So I bought this Jeep a few months back with 213k miles and it ran good. Had a bit of a tick on start up then went away when warmed up, I’m told this is common with the 4.0 tj. However the ticking has gotten louder and when I give it gas the speed of the tick increases. Not sure if it’s lifter...
  5. S

    What part is this boot?

    This boot on the shifter is torn and I need a replacement. Its not listed as part of the shifter and i have no clue what its called to look it up. Can anyone tell me what it is and its part number.
  6. Pullski

    WTB: CA: Stock Cat & Precats

    Hey y’all. I’m back at this place again. My $200 used catalytic converters have run their course. I’m losing the precat in bank 1. If anyone has a used one from a part out (particularly in CA) from a 2006 or similar TJ/LJ...I would be interested. I am really trying to avoid paying 900+ for a new...
  7. New2TJ

    Finally the lift

    So the lift kit, tires and wheels and SYE finally all got to my house and I had a free weekend to install it. Overall I’d say it was pretty straightforward. With the help of my two brothers and a car lift it took about 17 hours to install. I did a Rough Country 4 inch lift and 33x12.5 Pro Comp...
  8. L

    4.0 missing mounting hardware for ignition coil capacitor

    Hello fellow jeepers. So I have a weird issue. The ignition coil capacitor on my jeep is missing the hardware to ground it to the block. I have no idea how it happened, everything was mounted up properly a week or so ago. I went to check my oil yesterday and it was just dangling next to the...
  9. G

    SOLD 2000 Jeep TJ MT 4.0 43500 All Original Miles Selling from Ohio but Driven in South Carolina

    For sale is my 2000 Jeep TJ @ 43588 miles. Comes with extras. Extremely clean. Southern-driven, with insurance to verify, but plated in Ohio. Is now insured in Ohio as of June 2020, but is garage-kept on a battery tender and started about biweekly. I am asking $17000. First the details: The...
  10. M

    Confusing misfire

    Hi all, I have 1999 4.0 sport - has run perfectly for years, however recently it has developed a misfire when first driving the car. No issue starting the car but once I get off the drive and take it up the road it pops and bangs and judders until I floor it and it all seems to clear and then...

    Jeep TJ turbo kit

    I was browsing the Jeep parts on facebook and stumbled across a turbo kit https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/492351671437786/
  12. Will’s TJ

    Thoughts on high mileage?

    My TJ has 167K miles and I'd like to keep it through college, so the next 5 or 6 years. If I do regular maintenance, will it last? Based on what I've read, the 4.0L can last to 300K, but to be honest I think I'd feel better if I bought one with around 100K miles. Thoughts? Also - I know lots of...
  13. TJRyan

    '98 4.0 Manual Trans - Type and Fluid

    Hey guys, I read the AX5 is only in the 2.5l. Guessing I have the AX15? What type of fluid do y'all recommend? Do you use any additives or conditioners? I bought this TJ a month ago and want to change the fluid. There's currently 170K on it and not sure of it's history. No issues with shifting...
  14. S

    1998 Jeep Wrangler 2.5l Manual Engine Swap

    I have a 1998 Jeep Wrangler with a 2.5l with a manual transmission. I think I’m going to swap the engine, I’m going to put a stroked 4.0l so around a 4.7l. I was just getting y’all opinions about everything I will need to do. I know I’ll need a new ecu, wiring harness (harness needs to have...
  15. L.Ross

    Ross' 06 LJ Build

    Hey everyone, just getting started on the forum today and figured I’d start with my own build thread! Please keep in mind this is my first post on any kind of forum so if I neglect some forum etiquette or rules please let me know so I can fix it! Also, while being a student free time to wrench...
  16. D

    California 2004 TJ (Right Hand Drive)

    For sale is my beloved right hand drive TJ. It has been a wonderful 4 years and I hate to see it go but it’s time for a change. The Jeep’s history, as far as I know it, is as follows: It was special ordered from the jeep factory for a woman to deliver mail in the Reno/Tahoe area (As you see...
  17. DougB

    Kenne Bell supercharger for Jeep 4.0

    Not sure if there is a year range for this kit. https://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/engines-trannys-t-cases-sale/2700228-jeep-4-0-kenne-bell-supercharger-kit.html CL link - https://denver.craigslist.org/pts/d/littleton-jeep-40-kenne-bell/7112506688.html
  18. THESpottedSeaBass

    Bilstein or Rancho shocks for smoother ride?

    2004, X, 4.0, 5 Speed. This is my daily and I live in the New England area so pot holes are a norm. Looking for smoother ride. Narrowed them down to the two brands I keep seeing. Of the two (and only the two please) what's your choice, Bilstein or Rancho?
  19. KHOOK

    Missouri Lots of parts

    Parting out a 1993 Jeep XJ. Main stuff 4.0 HO ax15 5 speed 231 tcase. HP Dana front Chrysler 8 rear Interior still complete will post pictures soon.
  20. spacenate

    1998 White/Spice 4.0TJ

    Ah, kids...the grim reaper of our toys. Like a lot of guys, I too have to give up my Jeep. We had a baby, and made it work but with another soon to arrive it’s no longer sustainable. Which leaves me to say, my 1998 is up for sale. 1998 Jeep Wrangler 118,000 miles White exterior / spice interior...