1. Marklar1983

    Nevada Bitchin' Red 97 TJ Needs Good Home

    1997 TJ for sale. Mildly built. Great trail runner, daily driver, and starting point for a hardcore build. I’ve owned this Jeep for over a decade and driven all over the hills forests around Reno. Lots of good memories, but now that I’m a family man, it’s time to serious-up; I got an LJ to fit...
  2. L

    Continuing oil pressure issue with 4.0

    Hi all A little over a year ago I bought a 97 tj sport 4.0 manual. It currently has 135k on it. When I first got it I noticed low oil pressure when warm so I started with the pressure sender, then a high flow oil pump. Then this past weekend finally got around to main bearings and then a...
  3. Firecaige

    Would a NV3550 from a Liberty fit on a 99 TJ 4.0?

    So I have thought long and hard about the swap but I was wondering if I could just use the nv3550 from the liberty sport or if it would have to be from a wrangler. I really want to know because the price difference is insane.
  4. dogdaddy123

    P0201 head scratcher

    Inspected fuel injector on 1, and replaced it, there is no power coming to the injector harness connection after checking with a noid, all others are working fine, just this one is dead, inspected the wiring back to the back of the engine before it goes into the split and connectors and no...
  5. jw_LJ

    Another TJ 4.0 Misfire Thread (2005 LJ)

    Hello everybody, I've been visiting the forum for years and have learned so much through this amazing site, and I finally am coming to you guys about an issue I've been having for years now. While I want to provide as much information as possible, I will keep it as brief as possible. I hope you...
  6. F

    Bell housing & rear main questions

    Tracing a lower engine knocking/ticking and checking the tightness of the bolts on what I believe is the bell housing? The bottom right bolt upon trying to tighten just continuously spins instead of getting tighter. It is in place and not freely moving around but it is not snug at all and...
  7. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Overheating and smoke coming from radiator fins

    So another day another problem I was driving home and once I started to pull into my driveway my engine started overheating into the red im not sure where to start tho any help would be appreciated. It’s also got the 4 liter
  8. owenjan11

    1997 TJ 4.0 front end rattle after steering upgrades

    My brother and I purchased the jeep back in early 2020, the owner before us did some modifications but many have stopped working and/or caused other systems to falter. We've been hearing a loud ticking noise in the front axle , we replaced the drivers side u joint (which was broken) but the...
  9. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Turn key crate 4.0s?

    Recently i found out my engines in need of a rebuild however I can seem to find anyone with crate engines that make the 4.0 I would just swap out a junkers engine but my parents are helping me pay for it and they will only do it if I get a brand new engine any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hammer_c

    California 2000 TJ 4.0

    2000 TJ 4.0 with 118,800 miles. 2nd owner of the jeep and the engine has been well taken care of. I'm only selling this because im doing a V8 swap. I have videos of driving the day I pulled the motor. The engine comes with all of the accessories, catalytic converter, computer and a brand new...
  11. 3jeep-mike

    Illinois 1997 TJ restored in August 2022 and wrecked in September 2022

    I have a 97 wrangler that was a restoration project started in May 2022 and finished in August 2022. Hit and totaled by a clueless Karen in September 2022. New parts: Front Fenders, new 5spd trans, new transfer case, new water pump, radiator, machined head with valve job, new engine gaskets...
  12. R

    Rubbing and Clearance on my Tj

    Hi y’all I want to put 32in Firestone M/T2 on my Tj with new -12 offset rims, the Tj has no lift and currently has stock 30in tires, I was wondering if I would rub on my fender wells. This Jeep is more for field driving, the odd mud puddle and sand forest trails. It is my daily driver should I...
  13. CODE5

    Low oil pressure caused by sludge in oil?

    Brief backstory: I had a blown head gasket and cracked head on my 02' 4.0L. The engine was VERY sludgy when I opened the valve cover, not black sludge — more like chocolate milkshake sludge. I got most of it out that I could but I know there are remnants in the engine. When it came time to add...
  14. southernwrangler

    Texas 1997 TJ with low miles

    1997 TJ 4.0 I6 4x4 4WD Fuel injected 1.5” Old Man Emu lift (installed November 2022) 2” body lift 33x12.5 BFG A/T (90%) Steel bumpers w/ wench 45,xxx miles Recently installed: new alternator, battery, TPS sensor, CKP sensor, In great shape, low miles, no accidents, pavement queen don’t do...
  15. SolarYellowshortbuss

    In need of a little more power

    At first I was fine with being slow I knew what I was expecting with a lift and 33s but I didn’t expect a dodge caravan passing me like it was nothin so I’m on a mission to give my tj some more power I’ve been spending lots of money on it recently this will just have to be another thing. My tj...
  16. S

    06 LJ Block Cast Number

    Hey ya'll, I have a 2006 Jeep TJ unlimited/auto with around 285,000 miles. She is my first car and I treat her like a princess. Nevertheless, I am curious if someone can help me decipher that block that I have on this particular Jeep. It is apparent that the previous owner took good care...
  17. ocean11

    New York 2006 Jeep Wrangler Sport 157k Miles - $8k

    Up for sale is my 2006 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L Automatic Looking for $8k 157,xxx miles on the odometer second owner Comes with both Hard Top and Soft Top Recently had my first child and had to move to something with better safety features, so unfortunately can't justify having two cars at the...
  18. 67StingrayJ

    The Green Gamble build

    Here it is. My first ever jeep. Pick found it on marketplace. Has 85k miles, 4.0L, manual transmission and a host of modifications. I say modifications and not upgrades because everything is half-a**ed. I want to make a dedicated rock rig out of if that is somewhat road worthy. I think it has...
  19. J

    Brakes, hazards, and turn signals not working.

    Hi all, new here. Wondering if someone could help. I bought my 04 TJ last year and a week ago something strange happened. All my lights except my headlamps stopped working. The icons for them don’t even light up on the dash. I’ve replaced the fuses, stalks, and multifunction switch. Is it a bad...
  20. Hammer_c

    SOLD Complete 2000 TJ Sport 4.0 drivetrain and other parts (117,000 miles)

    Hello everybody, I'll be parting out my drivetrain on my 2000 TJ since i'm doing a Hemi Swap. I am the 2nd owner from 2007 and 62,000 miles. I'll be selling everything associated with the 4.0. Everything works greats (AC compressor, Alternator, cruise, etc) and it's a strong running motor. I'd...