1. techjeeper

    The Pickle / Jurassic Pickle, Nostalgia Build With My Kids

    I’ve been a jeep guy for 22 years now 15YO to 37YO(present). My 2 older kids are 12 and 14 so I figured it was about time to get their hands on a vehicle and start learning about tools, repairs, upgrades, etc. The only vehicle I really know well enough is the venerable Jeep TJ. I started looking...
  2. J

    I finally bought my Neighbors TJ

    Hey everyone! Ever since I was 5 years of age, I've wanted a Jeep (either a TJ or a YJ as I was born in 95). I fell in love with them, unsurprisingly, from seeing them in Jurassic Park and the Lara Croft series. I currently drive a 2008 Lincoln Navigator and love it like it were a family member...