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  1. doc54

    Need help with serpentine belt

    Hi, I have a ‘97 TJ Sahara with power steering and AC. I recently had my water pump replaced and a few days later my serpentine belt snapped. I bought a Continental Serpentine Belt from AutoZone (Part Number 4060910) and after spending over an hour was unable to get it around all the...
  2. SSTJ

    Quirks of the 97 model

    I thought it might be nice, for us owners of the 97 model, to keep track of some quirks. Post your known quirks so we can know in advance, instead of learning the hard way. I’ll make a list and update it so folks don’t have to scroll through each post. I'm just pulling from the posts in this...
  3. LennartfromAustria

    How to diagnose no fuel in the injector rail on a 97 TJ 4.0

    Hello, my Jeep sat for about 16 years with no attendance what so ever. Last week I bought a new battery, checked the spark plugs and the cabels. Spark plugs are recieving power so the problem is not the ignitionn system. I wanted to empty the tank but it was empty, I remember filling it up last...
  4. Tob

    1997-2002 Seat Track Cable Repair

    These are steps to replace a broken seat track cable in a ‘97-’02 Wrangler. Yours may be broken if your seat will not tilt and fold when you pull the nylon strap on the seat back. Tools needed: Ratcheting Wrench 13mm OR ½” socket ¼” socket and Torx T50 bit Phillips head screwdriver Replacement...
  5. mikelarsoninca

    Sierra Off Road Soft Top Does Not Fit 97 TJ

    Hello - New member in LA. I just purchased a 97 TJ and it just so happen to have a brand new Sierra Off Road sailcloth soft top with tinted windows and upper fronts in the boxes. I attempted to install the top and ran into a few problems. It seems either my 97 TJ does not have the standard...
  6. M

    97 Wrangler. Died in middle of road

    Won't restart. Error code said ignition coil, I replaced that. Still won't start. Sprayed starter fluid and started, ran. Drove for a half hour, shut off, wouldn't start. Starter fluid- it started. The battery was quite dead from previous tinkerin so I did have to jump it.My wonder is- Could it...
  7. Matthew Cherry

    Hey everyone. New to the TJ

    I just picked up a 97 TJ and I love it. I used to drive a 76 CJ5 with 6.5" lift and 38's, but always wanted a TJ. I currently have the dash disassembled to refinish the plastic. I added a cool video to my youtube on how I got the faded color back. Im excited to learn from all of you. Lots of...