1. O

    California What Trails in California Actually Require a Jeep?

    Wondering if I can get away with a Rav4 everywhere. I don't plan on rock-crawling. I just want to go off-road, hit Lake Tahoe in winter, see the mountains, death valley, etc. I'm looking at a Jeep Wrangler 4xe Sahara for 2500 + 560/month before tax. Pretty decent deal for 3 years/10k. Insurance...
  2. T

    Rust Repair

    Hey guys, so I wanted to upgrade my suspension (was thinking of the H&R + Rancho combo) but as I took a closer look I've now realized that that my rear upper coil spring mounts on both sides are pretty rusted. When I boutht the jeep a few years ago, the first thing I looked for was rust (thanks...
  3. Alex05

    I have a remarkable rear main seal leak after 2 attempts to fix it

    After 18 years and 32k or so miles, the original 4.0 rms decided to start leaking. Nothing wild, just a consistent drip after the motor had been running. I had a reputable 4x4 shop in the area replace the original rms with a Fel-Pro rms. Unfortunately this seal leaked as much as the original one...
  4. C

    1999 TJ engine rebuild or swap?

    Hi everyone been needing some advice about a 1999 TJ 2.5l 4-cylinder 5 speed manual. It is completely stock and has over 400,000 miles on it and its probably time to rebuild or put a new/Used engine in it. This is gonna my do everything Vehicle. It will be my daily driver and I will regularly be...
  5. T

    Suspension upgrade advice

    So I'm looking to replace my suspension. I bought the jeep 2 years ago its a 97 (later year release) and pretty much stock. I don't think the suspension has ever been changed and it's in need of a refresh. I've done some digging around and I'm thinking about going with the Rancho shocks and...
  6. CooperZooper

    What is the best coil spring for my usage?

    My Tj's rear passenger coil spring is sagging pretty badly so I figure it's time I get new coil springs and just get all of them replaced since they all are probably worn and ready to retire. I use it on road as my daily driver and when needed I tow trailers of wood. so it's mostly used on road...
  7. P

    Bought a 2001 TJ with emissions deleted

    Just bought a 2001 TJ 4 cylinder. I don’t have much experience with cars but have wanted to get handier, was going to use it as an occasional driver and learn how to fix things up along the way. I took it for a pre-purchase inspection but the mechanic and I both missed that the entire emissions...
  8. T

    Replace long arm lift or buy new project

    I purchased an 03 rubicon at a steal of a price, but it came with a 4-6" lift installed with 35's on it as well. Id like to ride lower to the ground. Is it worth buying another lift and replacing it? They took off the rear upper control arm mounts but use the factory lower mounts. I also have...
  9. N

    NV3550 Advice

    I have a 2001 TJ 4.0 with an NV3550. I had some normal nv grinding from 1-2 and then got worse on downshifting. Just recently it started to come out of third when decelerating so I took it to a shop and long story short I need a transmission and a clutch no surprise which they quoted me 4900...
  10. R

    Is an axle upgrade worth it for me?

    I have a mostly stock 99 TJ Sahara (29 inch tires vs 28 stock and a Winch and steel bumpers... those are my only non stock items) with a Dana 30 in the Front and a Dana 35 in the rear. I am trying to decide if I should swap those out for Dana 44 or a Ford 8.8 or if I should just beef up my...
  11. E

    2002 Wrangler Apex (Should I Avoid?)

    I’m in the market for a second car for quick trips to the beach and running errands around town. I came across a 2002 Wrangler Apex edition with 137k miles for $8k. The interior and exterior look clean from the pictures. However, the undercarriage has me concerned due to a bit of rusting (car is...
  12. Caesar

    P0344, P0016 and other issues

    I’ll try to keep this light, pictures will be uploaded tomorrow during day light. Thank you in advance. I have a 2006 rubicon with the 4.0 inline 6 and a 6 speed manual. It only has 83k mileage. A couple months back, mistakes were made and I came a little too hot into a turn and made the...
  13. S

    LJ front frame repair suggestions

    Hello all, Absolutely hate that I have to make this post asking for suggestions on my Jeep. Bought it about 2 years ago, Jeep LJ 160k 4.0 automatic. Runs great and drives pretty well. There’s a shitty lift kit that I’m planning on upgrading at some point as well as plenty of other stuff...
  14. T

    Tires, Gears and RPMs

    First of all, let me just say a huge THANK YOU to Chris and all the members that have made this forum the incredible resource that it is. I have learned more in these last few months of research through this forum than anywhere else hands down and now I can say that I am a proud new owner of a...
  15. S

    Need help buying a Jeep 1999 Wrangler

    Hi im going to check out a jeep today and could use some help from people more knowledgeable. Also besides rust and oil leaks, are there any other issues I should look out for, Im new to this sub and would appreciate any help, Thank you!
  16. 850TJ

    Lift for 31s? Need some guidance

    Hello everyone. First off if this is the wrong area to post I apologize. Anyways ! So back in May of last year I convinced my parents neighbors to sell me their 04 TJ. They are an old couple and had this thing sitting in their garage and had driven it every now and then for the last 4 years...
  17. BuildBreakRepeat

    Tire width and fitment

    I am currently running 35x12.5 BFG KM2 D and would like to run a skinnier tire as well as switch to an all-terrain. I have a set of 5 17” machined finish JK Moabs I will be using once the KM2s wear out (3 more months). I’ve been looking at KO2s as they have a great reviews as fit well here in...
  18. 1

    Any suggestions on subwoofers for my 1999 Jeep Wrangler?

    Me and my family recently bought a 1999 2 door jeep wangler Sahara, I want to put a sub in it because the previous owner got it wired for a sub. Ive looked across the internet and i cant seem to find anything. Any suggestions?
  19. S

    2012 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited stalling when I come to a stop

    My 2012 Jeep Wrangler stalls about 1/3 of the time when I come to a stop- like at a red light, stop sign, or when I am shifting to from drive to reverse or from reverse to drive. I have taken it to the local Jeep dealership where they had it for three weeks and could not get a code. They asked...
  20. JeeperCreeper13

    How to go about fixing rocker panel rust

    My 1998 TJ has some rust forming on the rocker panel as well as a little around the gas cap. I want to take care of these problematic areas before they really get bad. What is the best way to take care of these little rust areas and what are any good products to kill rust? Thanks very much!