1. Stinkbug

    SOLD ARB Rapid Air Down Kit (New)

    I a have a ARB ARB505 Deflator Kit 10-60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge Rapid Air Down Offroad Kit With Recovery Gear Pouch that is brand new. I purchased it but ended up with different valve stems that made this no longer necessary. It is brand new and unused. However, it is not int the factory...
  2. LakeBeard

    California 63 QT ARB Element Fridge Freezer

    Selling my 63 QT as I couldnt find a trade for a smaller one. I bought it last year, its in great shape, my wife made a waterproof canvas cover for it and it stays in my shed. Trying to recoup the funds for the smaller one. Looking to trade my 63 QT for a 50 QT. 63 fits in my TJ w/ out the...
  3. Feralkid

    SOLD ARB On-Board Air Compressor, M.O.R.E. Mounting Bracket

    ARB On-Board High Performance Output Air Compressor w/ Full Wiring Mount Kit 12V $250 + shipping for the compressor SOLD Open Box Condition is Brand New, Never Used I bought this about 5 years ago, opened the box to inspect it but never got around to installing it in my Jeep and lost the...
  4. TJustin

    SOLD Ford 8.8 Axle- Complete

    For sale is a Ford 8.8 rear axle out of a 99 Ford Explorer Sport, recently removed from a 2000 TJ. It has a bunch of aftermarket parts and upgrades, including: ARB Air Locker Yukon 4.88 Gears Barnes 4wd Truss Riddler Diff Cover Black Magic Brakes Wizard Brackets Setup for long arms Tubes welded...
  5. C

    ARB diff cover change capacity

    I have ARB diff covers on my 04 Rubicon. They were on it when I got it. When I refill gear lube after installing 5.13 Revolution gears, I get less than 1 1/2 quarts in, both front and rear diffs, before it comes up to the file notch in dipstick, I assume that is the full mark. My question to...
  6. LJDC

    ARB twin compressor (or smaller)?

    I’m planning to add an ARB compressor, for (yet-to-be-installed) lockers and for airing up. (I don’t and won’t own air tools.) Is the twin just a matter of convenience, or is there a functional difference that I should care about? I can mount the single on the driver’s side of the engine...
  7. KingCarGuyZ

    RD31 ARB locker install help (backlash)

    Alright, I'm not going to lie. I'm probably in over my head at this point and I should probably hire a professional - but where's the fun in that? So despite my better judgment I'm determined to install this myself. That being said I could use some help from anyone that is familiar with gears/...
  8. fixmysix

    California HP Dana 30 housing plus ARB, 4.56, Cro-Mo shafts $900

    I've got a YJ front Dana 30 with 4.56's, ARB G2 inner and USA standard outer Cro-Mo shafts. This axle is set up for spring over and has the M.O.R.E. high steer kit. Comes with tie rod and Drag link. I was told the whole setup has about 15-20k miles on it. It also comes with an XJ HP 30 housing...
  9. JonZ98TJ

    ARB dual air filter relocation

    I just finished up installing my ARB dual under the hood on a M.O.R.E mount. I have fenders with the mesh and ran my quick connect out to there. I wheel some muddy stuff as you can see from the under hood area. I am wanting to relocate the air filters and am wondering if I could run them along...
  10. FarminAg

    S30 S35 with ARB lockers combo vs Rubicon Dana 44

    Curious how good a S30 with 4340 shafts, regear, and ARB locker with S35 1541h shafts, regear and ARB locker compares to a Stock Rubicon. I know the transfer cases are different ratios but other than that what is everyones opinions of both or comparing both. Pretty sure my build is headed in the...
  11. MBarrett96

    OE Look Air Gauge?

    Does anyone know of any air gauges that match the OE instrument cluster gauges or companies that make custom gauges? As part of my spring upgrades to my Jeep, once it comes out of hiding for the winter from the Illinois salt, I am going to be installing the ARB Twin compressor and i plan on...
  12. SAT999

    Problem with ARB diff cover on Dana 30

    Hello, Does anyone have an ARB front differential cover mounted on their Wrangler TJ? When the jeep is tilted to the left or bounces and falls down, the differential cover hits the top of the hinge.
  13. BobK

    SOLD M.O.R.E. ARB compressor mounting bracket for TJ / LJ

    I purchased the Mountain Off Road Enterprises bracket to mount my ARB twin compressor in my TJ and after the bracket arrived, I changed my mind and mounted the ARB unit in my JL instead. As a result, I have a brand new, never used or installed M.O.R.E. bracket for sale. It costs $110, but I am...
  14. mynamesrickgrimes

    SOLD ARB Compressor

    Hey all, Installed by the PO was an ARB compressor. As I am going back to stock, I've removed the compressor and wiring from my rig and is now up for sale. I can't guarantee that it works. The PO confirmed for me that it did... but that's anyone's guess. Asking $100 shipped — does...
  15. RGTJ24

    ARB OME HD Heavy Rear TJ springs

    ARB OME HD Heavy Rear TJ springs - $120 + shipping. The rear springs came as part of OME F/R Heavy kit (ARB OMETJHKS). I recently swapped my rear springs from heavy(2942) to light(2941). Springs were installed almost one year and only about 2,000 miles driven on them. They will ship in the...
  16. ShawanoJoe

    Rubicon Air Pump replace with ARB Pump

    I am considering replacing the factory pumps with ARB pump, I have one on the shelf. I have heard that the Rubi lockers run at a lower pressure than ARB, so I am curious if any of you guys have done this already, I am fighting to be able to keep the lockers locked, and I have replaced both pumps...
  17. MikeO

    ARB Compressor: Good/Best Choice?

    I've decided on ARB because I want a selective locker. I just want a compressor to run the locker. I don't need tire inflator or other bells and whistles. Any suggestions for dependable, easy to mount options?
  18. R

    06 Wrangler Sport (80K miles and long-arm lift)

    2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ with 80k miles. Color: Black Engine: 4.0L I6 Trans: Automatic Front Axle: Dana 30 Rear Axle: Dana 44 Upgrades: * Rubicon Express 4.5" long-arm lift (plus 1" spring spacers) * BFG 35" Mud-Terrain KM2s on 15" Mickey Thompson wheels (tires purchased in last year) * ARB rear...
  19. Bingo1215

    Hi from WV!

    I’m a new Jeeper located in North Central WV and loving every minute of it! And really loving the rig! Any questions please ask!
  20. Tj04

    ARB installers near Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota

    Hello all, I recent got a used Dana 30 ARB locker. I checked it over it had some minor exterior rust from sitting in a box but no worn gears or anything, they all look good. No pitting, gouging, or chips. The guy said it worked perfectly fine before he pulled it then it just sat in a box for a...