1. DeLoe5

    2002 Sound Bar Replacement Recommendations

    Hello everyone! I was replacing my stock roll bar covers with a Smittybilt MOLLE Sport Bar Cover Kit (turned out great) and when I took the sound bar with the dome light off, the cover completely fell apart like meat falling off the bone. I took the fuse out for the dome light and will just...
  2. DeltaNu1142

    Headless audio: Bluetooth, amp, phone calls

    I know this has been done--I'd love to see your examples. For awhile I've been planning to install a CarPlay-capable, camera-enabled double-DIN head unit. Hook that up to a compact 4-channel amp, upgrade speakers, and add a powered sub & you've got a system to compete with the wind and road...
  3. A

    American soundbar, ds18

    Hi there, I am about to get to buy either the American soundbar or the ds18 one. If any of you have some pics of both that would be great (with pro and con). It’s quite expensive and I can find any video for tj or enough good pics. Thanks
  4. P

    Budget Sub replacement

    Hello, my stock subwoofer started crackling recently so I’ve been looking into a straight replacement. Don’t currently have the budget for an amp swap so I’m looking for a sub that’ll just plug and play into the stock one. Have my eyes set on a Pyle gear plg64 but would like to know about any...
  5. A

    Soundbar upgrade

    Hi there I am about to upgrade my soundbar and was wondering which one you think is better? I’ll prefer to get one that doesn’t require drilling. I have a 03 tj sport
  6. Furedi

    Adding an aux cable into factory head unit

    I’ve been looking into adding an aux port into the factory radio on my 2005 TJ and after looking around the board, I couldn’t find a soldering point for left and right for the CD player. So I thought about it and wondered if I could just splice into the speaker cables, that led me into wondering...
  7. Wonder

    Need help confirming a theory to fix an issue with the premium audio (7 speaker) system in my 2006 TJ Rubicon

    I recently picked up a 2006 Rubicon and noticed that the front right speaker doesn't always work. Wiggling the center console makes it work again. Me thinks that either the 12 pin sub connector, the sub amp, or a wire near the center console is grounding out but before I pull the console I want...
  8. M

    Speaker Upgrade Help

    I just got myself a 1999 Jeep TJ and I am looking for the best way to upgrade my speakers. I really care about music in my everyday life and I want to upgrade past my stock 22-year-old speakers. I also care about keeping the stock radio with the cassette player. What are the things I should do...
  9. Luke g

    Subwoofer box suggestions

    I’m currently looking at a 10” subthump box with the amp shelf , jus wondering if anyone had purchased this box and has anything to say about it. I’m open to any suggestions but not looking to make my own.
  10. Jeep Joe

    Anybody know a good Bluetooth modified radio?

    Short story long, I punched my dash, in my 2004, because it was squeaking and *apparently* I have the strength of a god because My slight love tap on the top of the gauge cluster somehow transferred 2 feet to my Bluetooth modified factory radio and broke it :/ This radio was pretty shit anyways...
  11. D

    Fixing 2001 Soundbar - Passenger Speaker Speaker

    Hey ya'll - I have an '01 Wrangler that came with the stock soundbar that's recently been giving some issues with the passenger's side speaker specifically. I'm fairly new to the electrical side of cars, but I'm trying to get a better understanding of what the issue may be. I'm fairly certain...
  12. Drc1340

    Biggest subwoofer set up in Jeep Wrangler TJ

    I’d like to ask out of curiosity who thinks they have the baddest sub set up, and what are your specs. This has been a question for me since I did a massive audio set up in my Jeep Wrangler tj. So let’s hear what set up you got what amp and sub and what watts you’re running. Thanks
  13. Amancuso

    Looking to get better audio out of my TJ

    Looking for a solution to get better sound overall in my 2002 Jeep TJ. I’ve replaced all 4 speakers with high end 5 1/4 Polk audio, in the front I’m using speaker pods in the dash. I’ve jammed some poly fill in the sound bar, and installed a brand new Sony XAV AX7000 which puts out 45 watts to...
  14. Hooser

    Mopar Sound Deck wiring help

    Hello all, Audio wiring dilemma. I have a 2003 Rubicon with factory center console 6" sub. I recently found a Mopar Sound Deck that has an 8" sub and tweeters. I would like to install the Sound Deck and keep the center speaker (I know, do I need both?) Anyway, the stock wiring harness for the...
  15. CryptoYeets

    Adding A Factory Subwoofer To '05 SE

    Hey everyone, I've asked before and didn't get anywhere. I recently purchased a center console that came with an oem sub & amp. How do I wire this to my TJ? I've seen other people on various Jeep forums say they did this, but how? I'm mostly looking for a wire diagram so I know which wires to...
  16. Z

    Audio Upgrade

    Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum. I found a package deal for a stereo and speaker upgrade in my 2000 TJ. Will this work? I've read on here people having success with 6 1/2 speakers in the roll bar. Thanks
  17. TmLIsMe14

    Questions about audio upgrades for my 98 TJ

    I was wondering if anyone has done any audio upgrades besides just the soundbar and the front speakers. I am looking to try to fit a subwoofer in the back of my 98 TJ Sport. If anyone has done this could someone please chime in? What size subwoofer would be ideal, and the maximum that could fit...
  18. K

    S/O B-8PTD vs amp + sub

    Hi everybody! I want to add a sub and place it where the original one goes under the center console. After some research I've come down to either the Sound Ordnance B-8PTD which seems to be popular here, or going with having a separate amp and sub, the same ones that the admin Chris has in his...
  19. 1

    Any suggestions on subwoofers for my 1999 Jeep Wrangler?

    Me and my family recently bought a 1999 2 door jeep wangler Sahara, I want to put a sub in it because the previous owner got it wired for a sub. Ive looked across the internet and i cant seem to find anything. Any suggestions?
  20. Adam Voss

    Ideas for Better Speakers System in 98

    My 1998 Wrangler has stock speaker system, garbage overhead speakers, and no sub. Any recommendations on what kind of sub I should look at, and where I should mount it? Also I want to replace the stock speakers, any good brands or models that I should consider?