auto to manual swap

  1. fnx14

    AX15 from Dakota in 97 TJ

    Hey everyone, never really posted here but lurk a ton and usually find my answers. Well the day has come that I post a question and sorry ahead of time for the long post. I have a 97 with 4.0 that I want to swap a junkyard ax15 inand get rid of my 32RH. My goal was to install a unit from a post...
  2. TuckerMAustin

    2000 manual to 2001 32RH auto transmission swap

    Hi there! I have a 2001 32RH trans that I'm looking to swap into my 4.0L 2000 manual. I've only found one video about this on Youtube from Muddy Beards channel, but I'm looking for a detailed parts list for this swap. I also have my eye on a 2001 auto trans computer from a different TJ 4.0L...