1. TJTurley

    California Stock Dana 35 & 30 Axles - 2000 TJ

    Dana 35 & 30 Axles - 2000 TJ Avail for local pick-up
  2. Lorenzo Altarocca

    Looking for suggestions on strengthening my Dana 35 axle

    Sunday wheelin ended up with this: broken rear left axle (Dana 35) ! Sounds strange for a 4.0L with 2inches lift and 31” Cooper tires (lsd rear). It happened on a long climb on light/medium rocks with 4 people and bags inside. No bouncing, no full throttle, just heavy load and not the best grip...
  3. RubberBandClip

    SOLD Dana 30 and 35 axles

    I have a matched pair of Dana 30 and Dana 35 axles, open diffs, 3.07 gearing from a 97 wrangler TJ. The 35 was recently rebuilt and has drum backing plates. They are both in good working order and were only replaced for an axle upgrade. $400 obo.
  4. Tytanium94

    Looking for opinions on Dana 35 gear contact pattern

    I’ve been adjusting this axle back and forth for a couple days now. And after getting the drive and coast to match each other at the toe, I’ve been able to get the drive pattern perfect but the coast pattern hasn’t moved. Even after moving the ring gear 20 thousandths to the left and the pinion...
  5. RipSteakface

    Is it worth buying a high pinion Dana 30?

    I'm looking to upgrade my front and rear axles this year, and I am researching my options and would like to get allayall's opinions and advice on the front end. I am currently running a factory Dana 30/35 combo at 3.73 with ECGS chromoly axles in the 30. Will be upgrading to 35" tires on 15x8's...
  6. T

    WTB: TJ Rear Axle

    Looking to begin a TJ build but stuck with Dana 30/Dana 35 3.07 pigs... whomp whomp. Looking for either a Dana 35/Dana 44 rear with 3.73+ gears or a set of axles with 3.73+ gears. Hoping to find them in NY/New England for pickup.
  7. connorwfrench

    Help upgrading my LJ (Part 2)

    Hello! Thanks whoever responded to my first thread! But i need a bit more help! So I’m going the 35s Route, and had a few more questions. Recap: 04 LJ Dana 30/Dana 44 auto. Purchased a 3.5 MetalCloak Gamechanger lift kit with their rock sport shocks and double adjustable control arms. Reason was I’ve...
  8. Gdnamesrtaken

    TJ axle swap options

    Alright, I’m in that predicament that comes in any Jeepers life. It’s time for bigger and stronger axles with som lockers. I currently have a 2001 TJ 4.0 5 speed 35s on stock axles just regeared. I plan on going to 37s soon but could see myself ending at 40s. I don’t do anything crazy but I go...
  9. Jonathand16y8

    Looking for advice on lockers for my TJ

    Hi Everyone, I am Jonathan. I am a new member to the TJ forum and live in SoCal. I drive an 01 Jeep Wrangler (Anniversary Edition) , 4.0L with stock Dana 44 rear axles and Dana 30 front axles. I am including a list of mods as I’ve read many threads before and learned the more details you...
  10. Jeffreybomb

    Cleaning axle surface rust

    I'm currently on the hunt for some axles. Pretty much everything I've seen has surface rust to some extent. I've read about sandblasting; it sounds like that's a good option to go with as far as getting the axles cleaned up. I know it's a pretty messy process. Is there anything I should be...
  11. RangerRick

    SOLD TJ/LJ builder parts for sale So CA axles, armor & more

    I will have the following parts for sale: Shipping is not included in the prices unfortunately most Jeep parts are very bulky & heavy. Pickup price is what I have listed. All prices are O.B.O. with a reasonable offer starting price. Please don't insult me with a low-ball because low-ball offers...
  12. RiJeeper

    Re-gearing axles: What ratio should I go with

    Hi everyone, I’ve had 35” tires with stock 3.73 gears for like 2 years now and I’m putting in a front locker and a rear 8.8, and I figure that now would be the time to re gear, 3.73s currently suck on 35s i hardly ever even get into 5th gear. What gear ratio should I run on 35” mud tires, 4.0...
  13. B

    Jeep 4.0 engine / transmission / axles and associated parts

    I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler LJ with 148K Miles. I am doing an LS Swap and have pulled the Factory 4.0 and 42RLE. I also have the factory Dana 44 Rear End and Dana 30 Front End. I will detail the parts below. All parts also fit a TJ 4.0 Engine I bought it and wanted to go through the engine to...
  14. mahshall

    My XJ Dana 44 build

    The Dana 35 in my TJ is starting to wear out so I started to look into replacement options before it blows up. I did some research on the forums and had decided a Ford 8.8 from an Explorer would be a good swap. I figured 8.8's are easy to find, cheapish to buy and have tons of aftermarket support...
  15. Chris

    How to identify axles on a Jeep Wrangler TJ (and what the difference is with each axle)

    I'm surprised an article like this didn't already exist on the site, especially given the number of people who ask how to identify which axles they have on their Jeep Wrangler TJ. The goal here is to give future TJ owners and new TJ owners a guide on how to identify which axles they have under...
  16. 4speedhandler

    Narrowing diff vs having it narrowed?

    anybody have thoughts on narrowing a front differential yourself versus paying a shop to do it? anybody do this themselves? anybody pay someone? what are your thoughts and experiences? im not staying stock width so if anyone has concerns with stock width dont worry. my current thought is to take...
  17. J

    Dana 44 swap: will drum brakes from Dana 35 work?

    Looking at a used Dana 44 to swap into my 1998 TJ. The 44 is from a 2004 and was equipped with disc brakes. However it doesn't look like any of the brake parts come with the axle. My question is will the drum brakes from my current Dana 35C fit on the disc brake 44. I have found info that...
  18. 4speedhandler

    5x5.5 to 8x6.5 conversion

    hey guys i have an eclectic pile of parts and need to assemble a 8 lug ford hp44 for the front of my jeep. i have a full 5x5.5 hp 44 as well as a dodge 8 lug 44. I was told by a local offroad shop that the dodge knuckles on the ford inner-c would result in positive camber, can anyone confirm...
  19. bwispy

    Help! What Axles?

    New Wrangler TJ owner here. I need help determining what axle type I have. It is a 2005 Wrangler X I did do some research and found that they are most likely Dana 30's but I just want to make sure. Also, what are your suggestions on getting heavier duty axles for off-roading? I've read that the...
  20. A

    Ford 8.8 Axle Swap

    The factory Dana 35 rear axle found in most TJ Wranglers is a little on the light side, and if you run larger-than-stock tires, you’re likely looking at an eventual failure. If you want to turn really big tires, wheel abusively, or push gobs of power into your rear axle, you’ll probably want to...