1. A

    Upper slide door issue

    Hey Is there anyway to fix this? I bought them last week so I am sure bestop will replace them but I am overseas and I would prefer to try myself first . It’s the outside plastic Thanks
  2. J

    Bestop (not the best)

    I got my new top and from day 1, the header won't seal. I did a warranty claim and they sent me a new piece and it fits the same. huge gaps at the corners. Anyone have recommendations for a top that DOES seal? You can see in the first pic where the top is not buckled down, the header goes...
  3. A

    Black twill soft top colour match

    Hi there I have the supertop nx soft top in black twill and need to order the upper slide door from bestop just wondering which colour will match the most the most with my soft top, black denim or black diamond? Thanks
  4. J

    Bestop Seats

    I am looking at ordering a new set of trailmax II and want to get a new slide for each seat? Has anyone done this? Do I need adapters as well? I wasn’t planning on doing new risers but do you think that is a good idea. If anyone has purchased new slides before do you have a link thanks.
  5. TRevs

    Texas Bestop Windjammer and Duster top for YJ

    Picked these up with my YJ purchase. I removed them almost immediately. They are in very good condition. Glass is clear, no rips or broken plastic. I don't see part numbers on them, but best I can tell from Bestop's website: Duster is for: 1992 - 1995 Wrangler with Factory Hard Top...
  6. RustyAutoholicGuy

    SOLD New in Box Bestop 5682037 Spice Trektop NX for 1997-2006 Wrangler - $600

    Hey TJers, Going to a different top on my TJ and I'm not going to be using this new in box Bestop 5682037 Spice Trektop NX for 1997-2006 Wrangler. Currently selling for $899 on Amazon, I'm asking $600 cash. Located in Ridgeway VA. Thanks Grant
  7. Adrian_A

    Bestop replace-a-top vs supertop

    been debating on which soft top I should buy. really wanted a "slantback/fastback" design but since I have an aftermarket roll cage I'm pretty sure the fitment would be off and leave a lot of slack. so im down to just replacing the fabric and keeping my original frame. I have also seen on here...
  8. Coozane

    Bestop Supertop TJ Sunrider Mode Problem

    Hello all. Tried posting this in another TJ group but no one seems to have any suggestions or an answer. Neither does Bestop. I have a 2000 TJ that has had a Bestop Supertop soft top on it for around ten years and I love it. Bought a new Bestop Supertop soft top recently and it collapses onto...
  9. Sgt Jarhead

    Oregon Multiple Aftermarket Half Doors

    *Warrior Products Aluminum Black Diamond Half Doors Fits TJ/LJ Asking $400 shipped *Besttop Half Door with key Fits TJ/LJ Asking $300 shipped Prices shipped exclude Alaska, Hawaii, and out of the U.S.
  10. Sgt Jarhead

    SOLD Bestop Replace a Top LJ Trektop

    Brand New In Box REPLACEMENT Trektop for the LJ in Black Diamond. (No hardware is included in these replacement tops). Included is only a new top and sides, no rear window. Asking $260 shipped (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) or local pickup in Medford, OR
  11. Don Bulee

    Bestop 2922835 seat covers

    Hello, can anyone share please a real picture of the Bestop 2922835 seat covers? I see those on amazon on a deal (132 bucks) but they look to fit way to loose... and (extremely rare but) I haven't found REAL pictures of the seat covers installed in a TJ Thanks!! Ps. I like those because they...
  12. camsurfs

    SOLD Near-brand new Bestop 54721-35 Supertop NX Soft Top with Tinted Windows In Black Diamond for 04-06 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited TJ - $500

    Hey everyone, I bought my 2004 Jeep LJ six months ago. It came with two soft tops. I am using the fast back style Bestop and really like it. The other top I have is the Bestop 54721-35 supertop NX soft top with tinted windows. This is what I am looking to sell. Its actually much easier to...
  13. Ericshere03

    SOLD Bestop Bikini Top LJ

    I have a Bestop bikini tap that came with my LJ, looks to be in great shape and has the header bar. I’ve never used these as a regular too with no windows suits me fine.
  14. RustyAutoholicGuy

    Virginia Bestop 5682037 Spice Trektop NX for 1997-2006 Wrangler - $800

    Hey TJers, Going to a different top on my TJ and I'm not going to be using this new in box Bestop 5682037 Spice Trektop NX for 1997-2006 Wrangler. I know these tops are $849 right now so I'm asking $800. I'd prefer pick as I can't imagine how much it's going to cost to ship this box...
  15. Tim_with_the_tj

    Half door uppers hard to close

    Bought the Jeep a while back and have been prioritizing other things, but it’s been like this since I got it. The soft uppers contact the windshield frame and make it difficult to close the drivers door specifically. I have to really slam it shut or it will only latch halfway closed. The top...
  16. nctj

    North Carolina Bestop Upper Door Sliders - Black Denim

    I have a set of Bestop upper door sliders from the PO that have been sitting in my garage this past year. Unknown how old they are, but are in "good" condition (not excellent, but definitely in working order with no cracks in the glass or rips in the fabric, etc). They just need some cleaning...
  17. Justanotherjeepguy

    Are these holes in my brand new soft top normal?

    I just got a Bestop replace-a-top (black sailcloth) soft top and installed it on my 2006 Rubicon. I've installed several soft tops on my TJs in the last several years... But I've never gone with the more expensive sailcloth before, so I'm not sure what's normal. I noticed a few things that...
  18. Photocycler

    SOLD 2004 Jeep TJ “X” Model - super clean

    2004 Jeep Wrangler · Convertible · Driven 117,000 miles Excellent condition, great running, cold AC, 5 speed manual 4.0 Straight 6. Clean title. I just had the transmission fluid serviced with the brakes done, new sway bar end links and a set of Procomp wheels with 31” BFG K02 tires from...
  19. Photocycler

    SOLD Bestop 5472015 Black Denim Supertop NX

    Used only a couple weeks and always been garaged. Never in the rain. Will come with all the original parts and will be a quick bolt on.
  20. Rich Williams

    SOLD Bestop Header/Latch Assembly

    Have a Bestop Header assembly - including latches - that I don't need. Got it as part of a customer service question I had asked Bestop - they ended up rifling a spare one to me for free. Anyways, free.99 to anyone who can use it. Just cover shipping, if you need that. Or come snag it from N...