1. DeltaNu1142

    Headless audio: Bluetooth, amp, phone calls

    I know this has been done--I'd love to see your examples. For awhile I've been planning to install a CarPlay-capable, camera-enabled double-DIN head unit. Hook that up to a compact 4-channel amp, upgrade speakers, and add a powered sub & you've got a system to compete with the wind and road...
  2. B

    Problem with adding Bluetooth to factory radio

    So, I'm not well versed in this stuff and thought I'd take the somewhat easy route of allowing my factory radio (I want to keep it looking stock) to speak Bluetooth. I went ahead and picked up thinking it would Just Work, but it's not. I also...
  3. T

    What to replace radio with?

    I have a 1997 wrangler and my radio died. I am thinking of not replacing the radio and just installing some Bluetooth speakers. What do you think? And what should I fill the empty radio hole with?
  4. RLD123

    Android Radio Issues

    I am currently installing an Android radio in my 97 TJ .... But, trying to get my cheap Bluetooth OBDII sensor to work with the Android "Torque" app is proving to be a challenge... I was able to get it to connected/linked "ONCE"..... Is it just me, or has anyone else had issues with OBDII...
  5. A

    Bluetooth head unit and phone calls?

    Anyone have a Bluetooth head unit on their TJ? Is it hard for people to hear you when talking to them over the mic and speakers in the Jeep? I know jeeps aren't the quietest car so I wanted to ask before dropping money on a Bluetooth head unit.