camshaft position sensor

  1. thepassivelapse

    TJ acts as if it's hitting the rev limiter when cold

    hello, My jeep has been having this issue that only occurs when the jeep is cold when driven. the jeep will act as if its hitting a rev limiter when accelerating at rpms that don't justify a limiter. I have recently rebuilt the wiring the runs adjacent to the block on the passenger side and...
  2. GregBelleville

    Solved: Jeep died on me tonight, now won't start

    Quick bit of background before I describe my problem. I bought a 99 Sport 4.0 automatic in September with 190k miles. The car died on me on the way home from the purchase, turned out to be the fuel pump which my mechanic replaced and she's been running fine for last couple months of ownership...
  3. camco02

    98 TJ Engine Swap Help

    Hello, the engine in my 98' TJ 2.5l blew in the beginning of September and was swapped with another rebuilt 2.5l from a 92' YJ. I was able to get everything together and technically running with the 98' distributor, but it did not run well. I also tried the 92' distributor and it cranked a lot...
  4. Andresme

    Engine dies randomly

    My 4.0 keeps dying randomly. I threw a new mopar crankshaft positioning sensor at it a few weeks ago thinking that would fix it and forgot about it. This Sunday it happened again and got it towed to a mechanic. He said he checked all my grounds, relays, fuel pressure, and fuses. At first he...
  5. aeyler94

    Arizona Crown OPDA

    Maybe 100mi on it. I replaced the oem OPDA, ran fine, but replaced it with a second one while trying to troubleshoot error codes. (Narrowed it down to the PCM) Comes with the sensor, but not the cover screws or sensor screw. Can be shipped from 85283.
  6. Danthony14

    2006 TJ won't pass 2500 RPM

    My jeep wont go pass 2500 rpms. We have replaced the tps, cam shaft position sensor and synchronizer. It still throwing the code p0344 intermittent a. We have tried everything and are stumped. We need it fixed like yesterday as it is my mail jeep. Any help?
  7. P

    2005 TJ 4.0 with P0340 code

    Appreciate any help. My 05 TJ 4.0 keeps throwing a P0340 code. I have changed out the ODPA with a Crown replacement, sourced an original Camshaft Position Sensor, reflashed my PCM then replaced the PCM. Just got it back from the shop and 24 hours later it threw the code again. What am I and...
  8. mgroeger

    Could the OPDA be the source of my oil leak?

    Background... 2004 LJ 4.0L automatic Just put a new ATK engine in the Jeep and there is a significant leak at the OPDA/Cam shaft positioning sensor. My first assumption was the thin paper gasket wasn't doing it's job so I bought the Mopar one which clearly was a better gasket. I took the top...
  9. troyston

    Another cranks but doesn't start thread

    Well here we go again... A few weeks ago I had a crank/no start (and then intermittent stalling, it started up the next day) issue that I resolved by replacing the TPS (aftermarket then OEM, learned that lesson...), the spark plugs, and cleaning up some ground leads. I also cleaned up and...
  10. raphaelchicago

    P0016 (cam / crank correlation) and P0344 (camshaft postion sensor intermittent)

    I have a 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition with a 4.0L & 6spd. I've been getting P0016 and p0344. I changed the camshaft sensor twice now I had trouble initially getting a mopar sensor but i have a new mopar one in there now and still getting the codes. The p0344 only activates if its cool outside or...
  11. J

    P1391: Loss of power and bucking

    Hey everyone, I need a little help diagnosing a problem before I bite the bullet and take it into the dealership. About a month ago my 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport started hesitating intermittently. It would "hiccup" if you will about 3-5 times on an hour drive but wouldnt do it every time. This...
  12. Richard Meck

    P0345 / Cam Position Sensor

    Just picked up a low mileage 06 Wrangler. I've seen other threads on the Cam sensor but none really address what I'm dealing with. I've got a recurring P0345 Camshaft position sensor code. The sensor was new when I got the Jeep, got home, next day code comes back. The Jeep will crank, no start...
  13. Andrew B

    Persistent CPS Codes (P0340, P0344, P0016)

    Have been going rounds with my 05 w/4.0L. Started getting cam/crank correlation codes (p0340, P0344, P0016 etc) I’ve replaced both sensors, timing set, and realigned the OPDA, reset the computer and thought everything was good. This morning leaving for work, was hard starting and still throwing...
  14. Chris

    Jeep Wrangler TJ Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement

    Well, when I looked for threads to do this *Camshaft Position Sensor change, I found a few, but all the details in those threads didn't match my jeep's location for the sensor. Anyway, this is how it goes on my 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ, with the 4.0 engine. Old sensor in place, right next to the...
  15. grr

    Random hard start,randomly dies & code p0340

    I have a 00 TJ w/4.0l manual. 148k miles dd. Few weeks ago it didn't want to start and threw a p0340 code. After a couple starts code cleared. Few days later it just randomly dies while accelerating. Did this again on way home and threw the p0340 code again. Again after couple of starts code...