1. 8

    How much force to disengage throw out bearing?

    So while driving my jeep tj, I suddenly lost the ability to shift gears easily. Ive had to replace the slave cylinder before so I knew the signs. I thought it would be an easy swap but I was wrong. I installed the new cylinder. We were on the last bleed cycle when we heard a loud pop. The...
  2. chaz.t0

    Can't shift gears

    I have a 2001 Sport, 4.0 manual transmission. Long story short it is about impossible for me to get my trans into first gear. Second is slightly less difficult, and third through fifth are not so easy either. On occasion I can get it to slide right in, but there seems to be no pattern or...
  3. TJReptar

    Is it my clutch?🥴

    Heyy everyone🥴 I’m new to the forum I have a 99 4Cyl 2.5L (don’t hurt me🤕😂) and I have a question. I went out the other day and started up my 99 Tj (daily driver) drove about a half mile and couldn’t go into 3rd for some reason. The clutch was sticking not letting me shift up or down so I pulled...
  4. ShaneMK

    AX5 transmission won’t go into reverse

    I have a 1998 2.5l with the ax-5 manual tranny. SHORT VERSION AT THE BOTTOM So on the 11th of June after not driving my TJ for a week or two and not noticing any problems when I parked it last, I went to start it and drive off after oil started flowing. It went into 1st just fine no resistance...
  5. J

    99 SE Clutch Rattles in Neutral

    Hi everyone, I’m a longtime follower of this forum has always been my go to for finding advice on solutions to issues with my TJ. For the first time I’ve really got to reach out for some advice on a problem I’ve been trying to fix for over a year now. Alright so my clutch fork has been...
  6. Clayton Swartz

    1998 Sahara Stalling at Idle

    I have a 1998 wrangler Sahara that stalls occasionally in neutral or when my clutch is in. Typically, this happens when cutting it hard in reverse, after I take it out of reverse, but it can also happen when I am stopped. The RPM’s are very variant at idle, they fluctuate between 7-800 up to...
  7. C

    Transmission Clunk When Engaging Clutch

    Okay so I've had this problem for a while now where when I engage and sometimes disengage the clutch, I hear a clunk noise. The sound is coming from the transmission. Could it be the clutch or the actual transmission? Thoughts? We checked every possible thing that could be causing this...
  8. Hunterd5400

    Very loud whining noise

    Hi... New member hear I just replaced my transmission for the second time because the first ome 2nd gear syncro went bad (luckily under warranty). I decided to replace clutch too and used the luk kit. After getting everything back together there is a VERY loud whining /gear noise when in 1st...
  9. Panda TJ

    Clutch won't Disengage Fully

    I have an 04 Tj with the 2.4 and the 5spd, awhile ago I had my clutch done at a shop because my rear main seal had a catastrophic failure and completely doused the clutch in oil, when I went to go pick it up with my dad he told me to drive it home, I turned it on pushed in the clutch and it...
  10. red02tj

    Not the usual clutch sticking issue

    2002 4.0 5psd ~159k miles. Recently and regardless of what gear I'm in or if the engine is on, when I push the clutch to the floor it sometimes hesitates coming back up. It feels and sounds metallic, almost like when you lift off the latch of a yard gate and the latch is worn and gets bound and...
  11. M

    Georgia Centerforce Clutch Kit

    Bought this over a year ago. Ended up not needing it. And of course I waited til I was outside the return window before making that decision. Everything is BRAND FREAKIN NEW, the parts never even left their boxes. Paid over $300, asking $200 OBO plus shipping. Also willing to deliver locally...
  12. RobM

    Is my flywheel clean enough, or should I have it resurfaced?

    Looking for some insights on flywheel condition and cleaning, please. I've just dropped the transmission and removed the clutch. Tons of oil in the bell housing and the flywheel looks scorched! I've spent about an hour trying to get it to a polished state like I've seen in videos and it just...
  13. C

    Clutch Squeal and Cracking how to fix?

    I'm always seeing 'it's the throw out bearing' yet it was changed, and before even being replaced, the cracking sounds were there. I've seen a video of somebody greasing up the slave cylinder boot or whatever and it goes away, would that be the case? Or if you know other ways to help fix it...
  14. Justanotherjeepguy

    Grinding sound when releasing clutch (2000 2.5l)

    Hey again Tj forum, Yet another noise coming from my 2000 Jeep TJ 2.5l manual 5-speed with 150k miles. As I pull out the clutch while in first gear, I get a grinding sound. Once I have my foot completely off the clutch, it stops. Then, a lot of times when I get to around 2,700-3,000 RPMs, I...
  15. TreverStevens

    Kansas Random TJ parts

    Cleaning out part of the garage from the collection of parts I have laying around from my engine swap. Let me know if any of my prices are out of line. Willing to ship and we'll figure out a price to get it to your door. Drive shafts $200/pair: '04 Rubicon front and rear as well as front and...
  16. C

    Super annoying sound when pressing and releasing clutch pedal

    As you can see in the attachments, it's really annoying. I have no idea how to fix it. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  17. VodkaMan

    Sudden Heavy Clutch

    Hey guys, need some help. The clutch on my TJ has always been quite light. I changed my TJ AX15 gearbox oil and within two days the clutch is very heavy and hard to press. Is this a coincidence and it’s something else at fault or could it be related? Swapped with 75w-85 gl4 full synth
  18. Nordic

    Anything I'm missing for SYE / clutch / other work?

    Hello All, Getting back home soon, and wanting to do a SYE to help with some driveline vibrations I've been having. Anyhow, did some research, and with the fact that I figured I might as well do some other items while I have the T-Case off, the plan snowballed into the list below: SYE •...
  19. Rick Brewsler

    Throwout Bearing Fell Apart - OE or Upgrade?

    So my throwout bearing is busted, and I am going to replace, but I wanted to get your opinions first. Possibly important: 2004 with 4.7L stroker, regeared to 4.88 on 35's I did this engine and regear just before winter and just started driving it again a couple months ago, when I did the...
  20. TreverStevens

    Kansas AX5 and transfer case

    Doing an engine swap and don't need the factory Ax5 anymore. TJ had about 130k on it when pulled. No issues at all when running it, just upgraded. I'll include the clutch and all of that jazz. I accidentally snapped part of the shifter tower collar when removing (not sure on the exact name, but...