1. ljmcgeahy

    Clutch is making a growling noise while idling

    So I’ve had this problem going on for a while but it’s been off and on. I have 1998 2.5 liter with 72000 miles and the clutch is making a growling noise when idling. When I engage the clutch it goes quite but is still slightly there. It doesn’t have any problems changing gears but the noise it...
  2. K

    Advice on clutch issues

    I have a 2004 TJ Sport with I6 4.0L and Manual 5-speed transmission with 169k miles that has been experiencing clutch/transmission issues for the past week. I noticed the issues start when coming off the highway in 5th like I've done plenty of times, after I noticed vibration in the clutch...
  3. GrizTheJeep

    Clutch pedal hard as a rock!

    Hey everybody! I'm new to the forum and need help! Today on my way to work, I went to shift to 4th gear and my clutch pedal wouldn't budge. I had a master cylinder/slave cylinder assembly dropped off and I promptly I stalled it. First pedal push, the plastic retainer strap that holds the...
  4. Adam Voss

    Squeaky rattling noise when I let off the clutch in 1st gear

    About half the times I start moving from a stop light or stop sign I hear a loud squeak/rattle that sounds like something is shaking. It happens in 1st gear when I let off the clutch at around 5-10 mph. It only lasts for a second or two but it’s very loud—almost a screeching noise. I am almost...
  5. CarsonTrailduster

    Clutch Replacement

    My pedal has been getting harder over the past few weeks so I'm guessing its only gonna be a matter of time before I need to replace the Clutch. Question; Which did you go with and why? I'm leaning towards the Luk RepSet, I used this clutch in my '79 Plymouth Trailduster and have no...
  6. M

    Chip in clutch plate

    Received my new LuK clutch kit today and the plate has this chip in it, would you clean it up and run it or wait for a new one?
  7. JoeTheCarGuy

    Throwout Bearing question

    My boss has a 2004 X with the 5 speed manual. There is a very (VERY) slight noise with the engine running and trans in neutral and clutch released. In my infinite wisdom, I suggested to him to not be concerned with it but that I would check to see if the throwout bearing was greasable. So, here...
  8. Michael2006

    Grinding sound: clutch or transmission problem?

    Hi all, When I shift from first to second and so on , there's a momentary grinding sound during. It happens about 75% of the time. What could be the problem? I sometimes have a hard time shifting into reverse too. I changed the transmission fluid several weeks ago but I've been having this...
  9. Shwane

    Changing the clutch

    2002 Tj NV3550 5 speed I've noticed my clutch is starting to show signs of retiring itself. When I first take off from an overnight sit I'm noticing when I ease out on the clutch to take of it dumps itself about halfway through as though I side stepped it, 2nd gear is becoming harder to...
  10. Quad City Jeep

    adjusting clutch pedal tension

    So I've been driving my 97 Jeep TJ for 4 years now and I've developed a problem from pushing on the clutch. I get a pain in the ball of my foot right where the small clutch pedal makes contact. The pedal pushes with a lot of tension (doesn't seem excessive - probably normal) and I wonder if...
  11. Blackout

    For you manual jeepers i have a question

    Hello, i am currently stumped trying to figure out what this is before i drop my transmission. Or if it is really something to worry about, my clutch pedal when i drive my jeep for a bit and everything warms up when i push down on the pedal or release it, i get this creaking sound. Im attaching...
  12. Jeffrey Stepnick

    Manual transmission noise

    I recently purchased a 2003 Wrangler Sahara. 4.0L 6cyl, 5 speed manual transmission NV3550. It has a rumbling noise when idling in neutral. Might still make the noise when driving but can't hear it over engine and road noise. The noise stops when the clutch is pressed. I come from a mechanical...