colorado jeep trails

  1. inkedrose

    First lap through Kelly Flats

    Took my first run through Kelly Flats, in Northern Colorado. Made it up Heart Attack Hill and through the Chutes without winching or any bypasses. Watched a buggy flop on its side and a guy on 40's (I'm on 35's) get hooked up right before it was my turn into the Chutes. Wish I had video of...
  2. inkedrose

    Chinaman Gulch Jan 8th

    Ran Chinaman Gulch for first time this weekend with a little snow and ice on the trail to really make it interesting.
  3. inkedrose

    Spring Creek 7/3/22

    I'm still a noob working my way up. Ran Spring Creek for the first time last weekend. Way more technical than anything else I've been on, so much fun! Few spots got the heart going for sure