1. LJDC

    ARB twin compressor (or smaller)?

    I’m planning to add an ARB compressor, for (yet-to-be-installed) lockers and for airing up. (I don’t and won’t own air tools.) Is the twin just a matter of convenience, or is there a functional difference that I should care about? I can mount the single on the driver’s side of the engine...
  2. Jrc4055

    Is my power steering pump leaking?

    Hey all, I spent my weekend replacing what I thought was a leaky AC compressor. Well...The leak is still there, and I need your help finding the culprit. I'm wondering if its the Power Steering Pump for a couple reasons: 1. There is oil pooling on the top of the AC compressor and dripping down...
  3. MBarrett96

    OE Look Air Gauge?

    Does anyone know of any air gauges that match the OE instrument cluster gauges or companies that make custom gauges? As part of my spring upgrades to my Jeep, once it comes out of hiding for the winter from the Illinois salt, I am going to be installing the ARB Twin compressor and i plan on...
  4. mynamesrickgrimes

    SOLD ARB Compressor

    Hey all, Installed by the PO was an ARB compressor. As I am going back to stock, I've removed the compressor and wiring from my rig and is now up for sale. I can't guarantee that it works. The PO confirmed for me that it did... but that's anyone's guess. Asking $100 shipped — does...
  5. Chapman4266

    06 Rubicon lockers not working

    I have an 06 Rubicon just purchased. In 4L, sitting still, when switch is pushed down, no dash light and no switch light. I don’t have anywhere local I can get on 3 wheels to see if it is working or not. The compressor is there and all air lines look good. I’m aware of defeating The factory...
  6. MikeO

    ARB Compressor: Good/Best Choice?

    I've decided on ARB because I want a selective locker. I just want a compressor to run the locker. I don't need tire inflator or other bells and whistles. Any suggestions for dependable, easy to mount options?
  7. mouth

    On board air

    I've been thinking of converting my factory AC compressor over to on board air. I didn't notic any threads of this in my search. Has anyone done this and do you have a link or build thread? Thanks.
  8. Kevin E

    Portable Air

    Is this a decent compressor? Smittybuilt 5.65 CFM portable air compressor It's 30% off today only. Thought about getting one unless it's junk!