cooling system

  1. Slipstreak

    Overheating At Idle Issue

    Hey everyone, Here’s another TJ forum post about overheating at idle bear with me here. I’ve done research on what could be causing an overheating issue at idle and can’t quite narrow down what the issue is. Some Context: My Jeep when driving in stop-go traffic will slowly creep up in...
  2. JMT

    SOLD Mopar Radiator from 2005 Manual

    Price - $50 + shipping Details: OEM radiator for a manual from a 2005. Worked fine when removed at 113,xxx miles due to a manual to auto transmission swap. Make sure and check your specs to see if it will work with your rig. No radiator cap. Radiator is dry.
  3. freedom_in_4low

    Aftermarket heater core comparison

    with Mopar discontinued and no clear aftermarket choice I decided to compare some of the mainstream aftermarket options. For the first one, I was going to try APDI (recently acquired and now Agility) because based on it's photos it looks most similar to the OE core - the plastic tank is a...
  4. Chris 11

    TJ running hotter than usual

    My jeep is a 2004 4.0 auto. I have owned it for a year so far. Since day one, once warmed up, temperature gauge will read at around 195-200 and wont fluctuate AT ALL whatever the situation ( heat, cold, AC on, traffic…) Last week I replaced TPS and upstream O2 sensors (Mopar) and added grille...
  5. buddha_x

    Cooling fan issues

    Hey guys, first post, not my first rodeo at all on forums. Before we begin, I HAVE searched low and high, on here, several other forums as well as Google and a few Facebook groups. Doesn't mean I didn't miss something, just wanted to point that out. So I purchased a TJ about 6 months ago (2.4L...
  6. Duner

    P1281 Troubleshooting

    Hello all, I hate to make another thread about this but I am stumped. So I’ve been having a heck of a time diagnosing my coolant issues the last few weeks. Originally, I had a radiator fan relay circuit/ ECT code, which I fixed but now I seem to be stuck with this “thermostat inactive code”...
  7. J

    TJ Cooling System Dilemma

    OK, new member here, first post. Forgive if this has been covered... I've got a 2006 Unlimited, bought it on the showroom in 2005. 150,000 miles Manual transmission (6-speed) 2 weeks ago I ran a 200-mile day trip, which is way more than I ever travel in the Wrangler under normal conditions. Ran...
  8. netpoint

    Converting electric fan cooling system back to original system?

    Hey guys, Wanted to get your opinion and advice. I bought a 1997 TJ 4.0 few years ago and at some point in its life someone had installed an electric fan cooling system with a Dakota Digital PAC-3500 controller. Well not long after I had it it started overheating. I checked the PAC-3500 unit...
  9. 512Jeep

    Bad thermostat housing or bad gasket?

    Hello, just got my first TJ 4.0! The forums have already helped me complete some repairs, thank you! Next on my to do list is to deal with some minor seepage coming from the thermostat housing… Is the consensus to go ahead and replace the whole housing or just the gasket once it starts leaking...
  10. TJFett01

    Mechanical fan questions

    2001 TJ Sport 4.0 with A/C. Let me provide some background info: After running my Jeep with an electrical fan for the last 7 years, I will be installing a mechanical fan. Long story short, after doing some electrical diagnostics, it would be more trouble than it's worth to continue using the...
  11. MiguelToril

    Heater control upgrade

    Hello! Anyone with experience upgrading the heater/cooling system? My TJ is from ‘97, so I have the initial heater version. What is required to modify and install, if I would like to use the later control unit? Any thread here posted? TIA!
  12. szeryngiscaring

    Radiator Blues: the Plot Thickens

    Hello everyone, I am working on replacing the original radiator in my TJ. I am very new to doing any sort of work on my car (cars in general not just mine). I have drained the radiator and removed the fan shroud and removed all but one hose from the radiator I intend to replace. I have no idea...
  13. szeryngiscaring

    Radiator Blues

    Hello everyone, my radiator recently went kaput. i've decided to replace it myself as it looks relatively simple. My father was the original owner and he put an extra cooler thing for the transmission in front of the radiator. Pictured here: My concern is with how it is held in place. Which is...
  14. Jeep G

    2.4 overheats when A/C is on

    Just got my jeep about 6 months ago, and ever since I got it it would overheat in idle when the A/C is on, when the A/C is off it will still overheat but only after strenuous drives on hot days. I just replaced my water pump and thermostat and the problem still happens, I've flushed. my radiator...
  15. K

    A myriad of problems

    Hey everybody, hope you are all doing well. The TJ overheated for the first time today while on the highway, pulling a couple ATVs, and it was about 110 degrees out. I know a pretty heavy load but it's done it going on 3 years now no problems. So I got the check gauges warning and saw the temp...
  16. Justanotherjeepguy

    Overheating issue continued (only when turned off)

    I’ve had a problem with my 2000 Jeep Tj 2.5l overheating when I turn off the ignition. When I’m idling, revved up to high rpms, on the interstate, or any other situation where it’s turned on, I have zero issues with overheating. It stays right under the middle 210 mark (so maybe around 180-190)...
  17. techjess323

    P0118 and fluctuating coolant temp gauge

    Hi guys.. I am at a loss and could use some help. I just bought a 2006 wrangler x 4.0 manual transmission and am going through some repairs. One that came up about 2 weeks after buying was the p0118. So I changed the coolant temp sensor (twice after reading the threads about OEM sensors) I...
  18. ayelix

    Coolant leak tracked down? 2nd opinions please

    My 2002 (125k 4.0L manual) has been very slowly losing coolant for the past 6 months or so following replacement of tstat/gasket and all hoses by a shop. To give you an idea of how slow it's leaking, in about 6 months the overflow reservoir level dropped from "full" about halfway to "fill". I...
  19. gusrub

    Should I replace water pump when changing radiator?

    Hello all, this is my first post on the forums. I searched the threads but did not find something specific so here I go: It's starting to feel like summer and I wanted to fix the A/C, though that it needed some freon recharge but when I took it to the shop they measured and told me the reason...
  20. Jeepfreak997

    Jeep isn't operating at normal temperature and has no heat

    So I’m new to the whole wrangler thing. I used to have an 01 Cherokee 4.0 and recently got a 98 wrangler 2.5l automatic. I’m currently having trouble with the cooling system. The first problem that I had was I didn’t have any heat so I flushed the heater core. (No leaks were found) and I also...